People Moving by on Friday

Fridays are always good for these things. Usually it’s best to put everything down at the start, but I missed, so let me see if I can go from memory.

The Garbage Man throwing away an old big wheel. For me when thing get tossed – I like watching them being put in the truck and playing the life out of that moment. Imagine the face of the little kid who got that. Was it waiting for him under a tree – a birthday present- did they pick it out with their parents at the store? How many rides up and down the block. How many times was the rider called home by mom leaning out the window?

Then thoughts drift over to the man throwing the big wheel into the giant garbage truck. Does he reflect on any of this? Is there any time to reflect on this or is he just looking to get back into the truck to grab a minute of warmth on this 24 degree morning. Child things and snow on the ground might just be obstacles in the way. Perhaps though it will stick somewhere in his mind when he gets home and finally takes his shoes off.

(NOTE: need to start looking for names of characters)

The woman who works at the laundry coming of the subway stop. She actually works at the dry cleaner. She sits in the front window doing the sewing and tailoring. I go in there so many times. I usually smile and say hello. Her face is so beautiful even though it’s doing its best to stop from aging. How long was the train ride she took to come to work? What does she think on that ride? Where did she learn to sew? She was walking slow under her umbrella carrying her lunch. People who carry their lunch to work have something special about them. There is a reason they do. Either financial or they just don’t like the food around where they work. What is going through her mind while mending the clothes? Is she thinking about when it would be time to eat something? She is so very pretty. I hope that she has found or is with a man who worships her. She comes home to that? Does she cook for him or is he maybe something else – an artist or painter down at central part trying to get people to let him do drawings of him. I hope there is a him.

This city works so well for all of this development of side characters but it’s hard to find main people to drive things through.


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