Car Washing

On the block, people are bundled and carrying buckets to the corner for the car wash. It’s different from down the block. Two buckets and a few washcloths. Not sure how much they can even make during the day. There was a car was in Mongolia when I went there. There were so many kids working in. Young teens. That is for sure going to be in the next book. There were different sections and levels there. The younger kids worked the hardest polishing up the rides parked inside the building that housed the car wash.

Writing about the man beneath my window going to the corner reminded me of them. I think one of the kids in the car wash is going to be a main character. They will fight over money and tips – perhaps one of them will fight over the money and the tips while the other just concentrates on learning how to wash the car. There will of course be a girl in the middle there. Yes. These will be the three. I think the main character should be there. We can start the story there. It is a great jumping off point. The car wash. Nice.

What would have happened if the man below hadn’t been carrying the bucket below me this morning. A Saturday. It would be nice to start the story off on a saturday. This time, I can’t write it out on the blog each morning because there won’t be enough night times in the stories. On the last editing run for The Last Block in Harlem, I had to edit out all of the sunrises because I only wrote it in the morning.

So the setting will be the car wash in UL. We can start it even there. Yes, that would be very interesting. I have a map of the entire city in back of me. The story is still not there but I am going to be patient with it. I have the time period, the setting, so now I am just going to have to have the characters to play with. This time I’ll create them first and play.

Soon, the two men who just walked below my window will be washing cars and blasting music, so let’s hope I don’t get bothered with such things. It’s the winter time and I have to get this written before it gets too warm.


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