Christmas Trees

There is something about January. The relief of the holiday season over the emptiness of bank accounts. The Christmas trees laying on the ground waiting to be picked up by the trash man. Again, the trash man comes into play. That might be an interesting character because the job they do so much for everyone. Also, they earn pretty good money so they would leave a different life. I have already used that as a single individual in a character before, but never as part of something. Having a trash man as a character would allow for things like unions, long work days, a well supported family and a job that is not behind a desk.

Could also show his rise up in the company – perhaps even heading up a labor union. I have always wanted to dig into the concepts of labor unions, so that might work out well for me. All of this from a Christmas tree on the side of the road waiting to be picked up. What about all of the jobs created from that one tree? The grower.  The person who cut it down. The delivery guy of the tree. The gas the went into the car. The station that held the gas. The guy who bought the tree. Now the trash man being the final one. Amazing. He really is the end of the line when it comes to such things. I need some names. Perhaps I will start to search old texts. Ms. Parker used to go through the phone book to look for names. That’s what I read in the Paris Review interviews on the Writers on Writing Pieces. My favorite books to be sure. I wish there were more.

The young mother taking the little energy she had in the morning to braid her daughters hair was fantastic as well. She was off to work herself but I wonder if anything she did that day would have been as rewarding taking care of her daughter on the train. I probably could get characters for life just riding the trains of New York City. Here, it is really the journey. That’s why I don’t really mind working so much. The traveling to work is really the present of the day for me. As long as I can get it down before the meetings start, I am usually Ok.

There was also a group of girls with suitcases going back to JFK I assume, though there were on the D train. Young faces are so smooth and so happy for the most part. They have fantastic smiles. Here in this country I guess they do. That would be an interesting character to be someone looking at these kids with the eyes of a different country – so now I reflect like I was that person from a different country wondering what it is that makes these children of America so damn happy.


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