Harlem Sun

Good Morning From Harlem, USA

I could write about how the sun hits the bricks in Harlem every morning. That, plus the fact that coffee will be hitting me, is reason enough to get up in the morning. That’s the one thing about about writing about something so deeply in one book – you can’t repeat yourself. So building this time will not have to be in bricks. Materials. That should be concentrated on this time. Perhaps someone who is either responsible for making materials or transporting them. It would be nice to get them transported to the right place. Yes. even have two characters doing different things:

1. The person who makes the materials

2. The person who delivers them

3. The person who uses them

If I can put the characters in this way, I’ll be able to show the difference without telling the difference. That will be the main change in this work. Nice. The sun on the bricks helps me again. I’ll have to make a note here though to do some research on what kind of building materials they use in UL. Not a problem. That’s the part of the process. Oh, wait. There could be some type of sickness the person is suffering from due to all the work they have done with the materials they have been working with. He could end up homeless outside of the building living in one of those. Gr’s. Yes! Nice. Ok, that works. That works. It could be in the shadow of the temple. Would the book start out like that. He could be the parking guy in the lot. Yes. He his. Helped build the building but now just parks cars while living in the Gr. That shows the country life being absorbed by the city. It works. It works!

I’m excited. Love that sun on the bricks.


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