Crossword Puzzles

This woman on the train ride home was smacking her glowing neon gum – her head close to the newspaper working on a crossword puzzle. Might have been the jumble. I think it would be a good way to show someone’s devotion to an institution that is slowly going away. I could show her age and even how the newspaper was starting to tear and crumble – hot it wasn’t as fresh as it was in the morning. That’s nice. Someone old reading a newspaper. That seems like it would be done right. I like it. Putting people in there with the objects that they associate comfort with.

Perhaps she sat there at the table with her husband while her worked them but he could never finish and it was she who would pick up the slack. Yes. That would be interesting. She was the person who finished everything. It would help very much in this next book to have people really showing how they felt about things by their associations with them.

The Last Block in Harlem showed people’s association with the block but it didn’t do more than that. They characters spoke and needed to speak and for that I am eternally in debt to all of them. It will be hard to move past that on the next book, which is why I’m taking it to a different country. I wish I could just write it in the new language of that country. Anyhow, the newspaper I think is going to be a very direct way to understand what is happening. That will be a key object. I think I have to start gathering the objects for people to find.

1. Newspaper

2. Audio Tape

3. Radio

I have to be careful about traveling to far back in time with the objects, but the dates are going to be in the past enough that a good group of people either won’t realize that these things even existed or they will have a reminder themselves of memories of these. The unwrapping of a new tape or the excitement of a mix tape. Even the sublime act of creating that. These will be interesting.

That might be a great way to have the character noticed – by creating mix tapes and planting them or burying them all over Mongolia. I have that in an Old Draft of “Hollywood Forever” but I’m not sure I want to tell that story still. Perhaps that was all just character development for this next book. Never know.


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