Plot Dives

The hardest for me so far. I am going to have to dive into the classics and go from there. I think perhaps it might be a little like medical school in some sense, finding out how to go into the body of a novel and take it apart. I tried with Invisible Man to look at that with an objective eye on how it was done, but the story was just too good and it got me sucked in to reading it. Now, I’m going to have to go to Greece.

Aeschylus’s The Persians keeps coming up to me, so I’ll try to get at that. Bob Dylan was mentioning it in his autobiography. He seemed to have read much of that in developing how he wrote his songs, and since the stories he tells in his songs are so magnificent and epic – the length that I like, I’ll try to get at that with this next book. It is on the horizon. Aeschylus had to submit his plays in competitions. That’s how it was done back in those days. The writer, who was also a warrior himself, worked for it back then. I will have to look at the structure of the stories he told. I need a backbone to this tale.

It is interesting to note that each play was actually part of a trilogy. That would be an interesting way to look at novels. That the next one you wrote was really a continuation of the story. Wow. Fulfilling destiny. I must give everyone names in this one to say the very least. There is something more though. I’ll start there and hope it leads me down the road of plot.


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