Gotham Moves

Sometimes the characters can come from buildings and objects. I enjoy New York for these reasons. On a foggy day that made the city silent and allowed the Jazz stations to play decent music. So, the lights up in the buildings. What were each of the people behind them doing on this day mid town so close to the river on the east side. One man, more than that, watching the Jets game – the woman in the apartment next to him watching so she could talk about it the next day at work.

Sometimes for characters, it’s just nice to have a frame like a window to fill in with.

The gas station attendant (Mobile) standing in the middle of the island manning the nozzles and filling up gas late on a Sunday afternoon. There is no football to him. There is not that relaxation of a Sunday afternoon. No, he is filling up cars about to be returned after a weekend out of the city, but he makes the city go. I think that would work very well – the character who makes the city goes because of the work he does. Literally the fuel of the city. Nice. Yes, a character who controls the fuel of the city. That is for sure a job one of the main characters in the next book will be. Perhaps he can sell them on the side of the road even during a gas shortage – something. Regardless. If he does not show up for work, the city doesn’t go. That is going too far i think. However, still, the gas station attendant. Yes. That will work.

Whew. That one ran a bit different. Taking pictures of these moments are helping not to forget. All of this from that gas station sign in the lower portion of the picture. Fantastic. Amazing where it all comes from. Now, I just have to figure out who the person is and what they do when the come home from work, but I think that is a good figure. Maybe a brother figure. Not the father – that’s too heavy handed. Perhaps it’s one of the main character’s jobs. I keep thinking that this story is going to contain the main character having multiple jobs because that will move him. I want this guy moving more around the city. The Last Block in Harlem had him going up and down the block. Time to expand. Moving. New Thoughts. That’s what will appeal I believe. Nice.


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