Tradition – Theme

Theme. That should be established very early on I think. Yes. What we should understand is that the theme of this book should be to erase tradition. I was reading about an early story of an early love of Kerouac’s in Detroit who always dreams of “following a bohemian artist’s route of migration to New York, then Paris”. I think that the theme that runs through this next book should be much like something that denies tradition and following the paths of others.

More than that. It should reject following paths that are not real. The concept of living like someone else is impossible because for the most part, it will lead you into their footsteps and because of that, you will find that once you are there, the scene will have already been taken apart. Does that make sense. So then, something like this:

A character does whatever they can to push through a series of obstacles in order to reach this place they believe exists, only to finally reach it and find that it’s only an echo of what once was.


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