Walk Down 42nd Street

I think I see how Bob Dylan wrote songs now. Walking down 42nd street to do a loot grab and saw this girl dressed nice but with too much make up on to be going into an office. It was not even that it was too much makeup but that it was put on wrong.

Probably going to a strip club or peep show. I realized it after she passed and then I saw the peep shows. What is the difference between her and the girls at the office I work in? What happened.

I think a great way to show that was one of my favorite parts of The Warriors when they are on the train and the rich kids get in laughing. The girl with the warriors goes to straighten her hair and she is stopped from doing so by one of the Warriors. Amazing.

So this girl is going to work at the same time everyone else is but doing something very different. However, the result is she gets paid, so it would be nice to show something in a character who does a strange job but does so only with the intention of getting paid.


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