The Getaway

Been reading Huck Finn on the train going to work these days. This OTB sign to me to Huck’s woods in that the character always seems to go back to the woods to find comfort no matter what is happening to him. Even early on, when he is stuck in the cabin with his Pops and getting beaten, he is happy inside, if only a little, because he is in the woods. I guess a character needs to have a safe place to return to, if only in his mind. I’d like to make it physical place though. Seeing this OTB sign in the snow the other day gave me pause. I mean, even in the storm going on outside, the character returns to this place to feel at home. Not sure it’s going to be the OTB really – though it may be a good short story, but a place like that where, no matter what, a balance is found there.

The sense of a familiar set of surroundings and like-minded characters to surround yourself with as well. I guess that would be a major difference in two sets of characters. One, who is looking for something familiar and another who is looking for things foreign to him or her. Yes. That would be great for a couple and a good reason for them to split. Nice. So let’s have the woman looking for things foreign to her and the man, who is going to be my main character, looking for something familiar because nothing seems familiar to them. Yes. I might flip it. Doesn’t matter because they are not really created yet. Just in this stage of searching around.

I love these old signs around the city and am quickly falling in love with this area. I wish their was more times on my break to go and explore but sometimes getting quick glances of things give you a better memory anyhow. I believe that because I have to.

So the scene would have to be very chaotic outside and the inside there is solace – even if it’s only a familiar meal, music – even a waitress or picture on the wall. As long as that place exists for the character, that character exists. Of course, at some point in the story, I’m going to have to take that place away and have if fall into ruins. It will serve as a good tool to have the same thing happen to the character. Names, I gotta start having names.


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