Burrito Building

There is something about lunchtime on 33rd and Broadway. Things are faster down there. There are no college kids, or too many girls trying to look like anything. The speed is maddening and not relaxing. The concept of a lunch hour is gone. The line for the burrito place was what is wrong with things is there is such a concept as wrong. The person who just puts the burrito in the spot to warm things up. That is a bit strange.

What are they thinking when doing the repetitive movements. That would be an interesting way for a character to behave. Doing a job that is so repetitive that it makes them – wait a minute. I think I need to get closer inside of things here. I might try something new. What if, on my lunch hour, or lunch few minutes, I started just talking to different people about what they thought about the jobs they did.

I think bringing it a little closer in might be a really interesting way to look at things. The burrito building was just too much for me.

The line was moving at such a quick pace I just tried to stop it and slow it down but they were all just concerned about finishing that and making the next one. No, I can’t do that anymore. Tomorrow, at some point, I am going to start something new and talk folks and get their stories. I did that once when I went to Vegas and it was still the last gasp of the old Vegas.I interviewed the waitresses and people working at the old school places on the old strip, which is no longer really there. That was a good time. I loved when people opened up to me.

Time for that again in order to enjoy this process. Perhaps I will find my characters by searching them out in New York.

The second book is going to be tough.


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