This is getting to me. Someone in the story needs to do the same thing over and over again. Everything in their life should somehow be about this repetition. Whether they make the same mistakes over and over again or do a job that requires them to do the same movements over and over again. That assembly line at the Burrito spot has been staying with me.

No way I can have someone making burritos in Mongolia though. Anyhow, that’s the point of this exercise at this point is to develop the next character. I think the car was is a good place to start. Like a good rag man – probably a young boy or something like that. This way, he could develop a plan for all of the movements on each of the cars. Have a plan that he would go after. Yes. That works. He wakes up.

Early A.M. and a list is made not only of the things that he is going to do, but maps out where he is going to go. It’s all planned out. He is rarely surprised by anything. Yes. This could work well. I don’t think I would have this habit inside of a main character not because it wouldn’t be interesting, but it would be too much of a burden for me and for the reader. A side character who is like that, who just pops in once for some mania, that would really work. I like it.

He works at the car wash and is the rag man. Yes.


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