Train Whistles

Into the bridges of new Jersey with the sound of a train whistle going off in the background. Away from New York for a few hours in the day. Going down to Paoli, PA to sit in a legal review of for a website it just wrote for a drug that treats a symptom that is caused by not being able to stay awake. I think I can say at least that much without violating any confidentiality agreement. We all have to sign such things when we start, but I don’t think anyone goes about reading them.

We just passed the Newark station and I have to say that the open air is doing me good even though I’m still inside. I have a book coming out in June of this year, a wife who doesn’t get up as early as I do but goes to sleep much later, a 15 year old cat that just got diagnosed with diabetes, an eye on buying a house if they ever decide to bring me on full time, and a heart that is about to come through my chest.

We just pulled into Harrison in North New Jersey. The old brick buildings are empty and fodder for anyone who need to get aggression out in acts of vandalism. Behind them, a new town is constructed. The train just stopped. A man is taking just enough time to slurp out of a fast food cup. Straws might cause some type of digestive disease that we might, at some time, be able to create a pill for.

Train #643.

There are smokestacks and churches  that touch the sky and little houses that seem like a much better place to live in than the tiny apartment we live in – well, it’s not tiny at all.

They have tons of storage paces out here. If I were a criminal, I’d store everything out here. Yes. so many long buildings here. There is time to think that is for sure. Why does everyone from out here want to come to the bigger cities? There’s no time to think. I am riding through these towns on forgotten transportation in hopes of telling them – “Hey, really, you live in a great place, except of course for all of the smoke stacks and churches.” The train whistles must be soothing though. All of the houses have satellite dishes here. Maybe they all talk to space ships – North New Jersey – the place where space ships communicate through the world. I’ve driven across the country before and never saw so many satellites. There’s a preview of the legal review on my jump drive and should be looking at it, but I keep herring train whistles and want nothing to do with anything other than enjoy writing down what I see. I’ll be back to selling drugs soon enough.

If I lived in one of these towns I’d sit on my big porch and look out at the world. Then I’d go around back and take an axe to some wood. There are plenty of trees around here to do such things. That’d be pretty interesting I think – at first at least. The man next to me opened his prayer book again after unwrapping his muffin but he didn’t eat it. That must be part of the prayer to open up the food you are going to eat and then say a prayer before eating it. I might watch what I ate more if I had to say a prayer before I ate it, but he looks like he’s drinking a coke and about to eat a muffin filled with carbs. He might have to run a few miles to work that off. Is there a prayer to say before something like that happens?


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