At Night

Funny – the time you write has so much to do with the settings your story takes place in. When I was younger than I am now, well, when I was younger, or, could just say, BEFORE – So, before, my writing would come late at night. These tales usually involved only me because those are solitude filled times. Now, in the early mornings, there is the same type of situation where there are not as many souls milling about.

To write in a cubicle during the day, to have that freedom, there has not been that chance. The whispering that goes on inside cubicles is a little insane. So much has been written about cubicle life, but still so many life that life. What would be interesting I think would be to show a character who lived inside of a cubicle, and then starting building boxes all around them wherever they went.

You would see, when visiting their house – the visit would come as the reader – but when visiting their house in the form of another character, that the furniture was all arranged in a box. Everything they ate was inside of a box. The time spent in the office would carry over into the real world. I wonder though if people want to examine themselves so much in real reflection. I am not after that in this next book. I have my main characters now and am excited to let them play. The time period is going to cause things to be a little tough because you have to be real.

How much to reveal is very difficult. In some ways, in many ways, I am paranoid about others seeing what I put out there in fear that they will attempt to  duplicate such things. I know it’s silly in so many ways, but it’s how I feel. Still, the more I put it out there, the more that it gives the characters a reason and place to breath. There is too much free writing I know for this stage of the game, but I can only really speak out loud in order to let the characters get the light they deserve.

The way Mark Twain did it with Huck Finn is amazing to me. He told the story through the character and the author fell away in every way. How did he tap in to such things? I have no idea. I guess there should be some Huck Finn in this new Character, but not too much. He should be sure of himself and quite aware of where his actions are leading him. The story pattern is set. The time is set.

In back of my desk at this point is a giant map of UL – this is going to allow the characters movement and awareness. That is my hope. It feel s so amazing to write free during these moments. Selling drugs, in any way, both on the street or in an advertising company, is a taxing task to say the least. Though all I am doing in the scientific writing and descriptions of the trials, it takes up time and energy. Not just in the writing mind you, but in the dealing with the people. I know that there should be a book somewhere about that industry and the inner workings of a pharmacy advertising company, but I don’t have the story yet and I am not interesting in writing another tale where everything just comes together in the end.

Trying to be organized here. So, I am focused on the attempt of the epic and will go from there.


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