Empty Fire Escapes

Not sure what it is about an empty fire escape and the story they hold. like cribs resting on the bricks. On any of these, a dinner could have happened where live was laid out or looked back on.

They served as balconies and open space air conditioning in summers long before there was a camera such as this that could capture it. We fell asleep and counted time between the planes passing overhead. The music from each of the windows was louder on either ear depending on which side of the mattress you laid down was more comfortable to rest your head on. Without the spring, there are no leaves to cover the view, so the cribs are all exposed. They have nested when the weather was warmer.

I keep seeing the same man, the sign makes, over and over, walking up and down the block checking for his past, for someone to recognize him, but everyone brushes past, making eye contact for only a minute before they continue on their own paths, looking for someone to build. He is not yet a ghost, but perhaps looking for a resting place. There is no where to rest when you’re still alive.

Soon, everything will bloom and this character will need to find at least, at the very least, a bit of shade to find comfort in, but that might prove difficult to do. I don’t think I will keep this Sign Maker in Harlem – I will move him to a new location away from this block. It is the beauty of fiction to transplant characters. Characteristics are universal but locations are what stories need to survive. The Sign Maker. He will be the father character in the UL story. Yes. He made signs throughout the old regime and now, now there is no work for him because the labor is cheeper to find. All that is left is for him to walk around his old neighborhoods and look for places that his work still stands.

This is an exciting moment for me right here. I found a profession that gives him an identity – so now I can walk with him. His name needs to be something that once stood – no, that continues to stand and endure. The character of the Stone. The rock. The son will try to rebel against him but he has a foundation in the city that needs to be eroded in order to be rebelled against. Yes. Oh, this is a great moment. All from those fire escapes, those cradles of stories.


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