Faces behind bars if you look – well, if you stop and look

If you stop for a minute, you are going to find a treasure. This bust of Tesla was behind some iron bars somewhere below 27th street. Sometimes you just have to turn down different streets. Iron busts are ways of capturing great men. There are so many of these statues and fixtures throughout the city – I think that now, since we have the character of the sign builder, someone who works only with their hands, it would be great to put an administrator in there.

What about a man who commissions the statues. He sits in meetings, hour long meetings throughout the day and takes meticulous notes on everything. He enjoys every aspect of listening people pitch their ideas as to why their should be statues. He gets caught up in their history. Why, the man who commissioned the Telsa statue – he himself read countless articles on the man. There were not yet any autobiographies or webpages or anything of that type yet, but, the strange thing is, that because of the statue, more people not only noticed him, but thought more of the legendary status because he had been made into a statue.

At home, the statue commissioner himself was happy to escape into his world of autobiographies. He himself, had a life that he was running away from. There was no trust left in other people – there was no trust in the unknown items of human relationships, so he decided to lend his life to the listening of pitches and then grant, or is some cases, not grant the go ahead on the statue.

It wasn’t power that he was looking for, but it was the relationship, a safe and rewarding relationship, not of him to others, but of him and his place in the world. It is important when developing these characters to all give them a purpose – a reason for existing. In real life, the millions and millions of people in existence have the luxury of just living out their lives without having too much of an effect on anyone else. In a novel, I think that may be  waste of page space. Every movement, action, word – All of it – must be like that ripple that occurs when a rock drops into a pond.

So, the man who commissions statues – perhaps it should even be a woman, though I think that is too much of a stereotype – we’ll see how it plays out. Let’s not even give them a gender at this point but only a character, a job and a reason for doing that job. In the coming days, we’ll explore that. I think the pattern is developing that people are more and more defined by what they do. I was attempting that in The Last Block in Harlem, but now I won’t be so overhanded with it and just weave it into the theme.

Then, I think with this character, it would be interesting to have them meet up with the Sign maker as they are both looking through the city trying to find marks of what they have done. Yes, this is very exciting. I think raining mornings make for such events.


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