April in Harlem

The vicodin is finally wearing off. Two teeth pulled and the week has been a haze. The new book cover is finally out and ready for pre – sales. Interesting times. I hardly have a moment to stop and enjoy it, though I am all the way through, that is for sure. It’s spring in Harlem and I’m just realizing it now. A few new trees got planted outside of the bodega across the street. When they’re tall and fully grown, the men who planted them might come back and see how much growth they’ve taken care of. Nobody at work knows about the book coming out. It’s best to keep it like that for now.

The drugs to keep the pain from shooting out of my mouth have stopped me from writing this week. Even the faces on the subway are telling me no stories because everything is so dull because of the pain numbing. I understand that. I guess my focus is now on Mongolia and the second book. I wonder if we’re going to go and live there for a year. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but in the meantime, I have the map over my desk. I have the people starting to get planned out. I have the sun coming up early in the morning and the calmness of that time to write. Seems like the story has to begin at this point. I would like to have it ready by the end of summer, so we’ll see what happens in regards to going made between living multiple lives.


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