Going over notes

Though it’s important to write them all down – and by writing them down there is an exploration of characters, but you have to look at them. It is a foundation that works to be built on. I’m rusty in writing no doubt. Trying to do so in the early mornings and squeeze it in requires a certain amount of focus and discipline that is just not in me. It’s a forced effort. One of the reasons that typewriters make for the best first drafts of work. There is no checking of ball scores on a typewriter.

At this point, I need to figure out the main woman character. I don’t just want her to to be the object of the main character’s desire. She is going to exist on her own. Having the 3rd person narrator is going to help with that. I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing this, as I can’t remember the last time I took a stab at that. My friend giles is going to be pleased with such things. He is always pushing me to read the classics – tons of Russian literature – A Hero in Our Time type of stuff.

I remember when he came to visit me in San Francisco in the early 90s. He bought me that book when we went to City Lights Bookstore together. I bought him Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and we read it together at night at The Palace of Fine Arts, laughing our asses off. Hunter S. – That guy was the genius I tell you. He and Mr. Kerouac really got me when I first read them. It was like arriving at a place I wanted to be all my life.

That’s what I’m after in creating – a place people have been looking for to understand the world around them. I think novels have a unique ability to do that – more than movies or tv – because of the experience of stopping and starting and carrying the book around with you – in whatever form it’s possible.

So who is the woman going to be? Last time it was so based on my wife – but I want to leave her out of this one. It would be nice to have her as someone who just took what the day presented to her and then created something from that. She shouldn’t be interested in love at all. She maybe will represent that – the emotionless center where survival and living is the moth important thing. It would be nice if her name had something to do with the word Breath. She would be the life force. Yes, I like that.


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