Chapter 3 – Part 1

Everyone in the house was sitting in a circle for our family meeting. Well, not everyone. The young couple who had moved in not too long ago, were going as fast as they could up and down the stairs not really taking too much care of their stuff got damaged or not. I don’t think their stay in San Francisco was a good one. We needed someone to move in and we needed it fast. It was a Saturday morning if I can remember. Saturdays we were usually all together.

The Goat faced boy looked a little worn out from whatever he got into the night before – I guess that one was a little more intense than just watching bees and collecting herb. His fag hag was twitching and nervous, rubbing his leg where he didn’t want it rubbed. The two vamps were mellow and in sweatpants. I though she looked great without any make up on – just another Saturday morning in a haunted house somewhere in America.

“We need to pull in some money,” the heavy girl said. “Especially with those two leaving now. Maybe we could throw a party.”

Florence looked at me and smiled with her fangs nicely brushed. “Come on, let’s ask him,” said said, scooting over to me like a high school girl about to share her lunch. “We want to set up a dungeon here. It would bring in some serious cash and keep us from going out all the time for it.”

“Dungeon?” I asked, taking a bite of my pop tart. “How’s that?”

“Well, the house is totally fit for it. I have my own clients – all of us in some way have our own clients, right?”

They all nodded. I remember looking around at them and realizing that we were in a house meeting talking about whether or not to start up a sex dungeon in the place where we lived. This was not talk about who should buy toilet paper or working out a schedule about cleaning dishes. No, that’s the kind of stuff they show on MTV.

“We think it would be great,” Carlonia added in. “We’ve been talking. You know, I have a few guys who I could bring in – and Florence, well, she has people and connections at the O’Farrell – right? (Florence nodded proud).

“People are always asking me if I have any place special,” the goat boy added. “We could totally get our house cleaned for free. See, I have this one guy who will come in twice a week and be our made. He likes to clean in his leather suit and really sweat. You can yell at him and beat him if you like, but don’t hit him too hard. If you do, he’ll just keep breaking dishes and we won’t  have anything left.”

“We though you’d be the whip boy,” Florence told me, nodding with confidence. “You won’t have to do anything sexual at all. But, you know, we think you’re kind of good looking – a little clean cut – so that could put a nice spin on things. We’d give you a full share. You’d just have to get people ready by giving them a few lashes. What do you think?”

What did I think?

“What if my friends roll over and seem me as a whip boy,” I said. “I don’t think I’d be down with that. Sorry. Don’t be mad.”

They weren’t mad – but they heard the money being taken out of their plans.

“You sure,” Carolina asked. “This could really help the house out. We know what we’re doing.”

I think right then, something inside of me went off and I knew, I knew I should start thinking about getting out of there. Planning my escape. Only thing was that I had no job and was broke myself, but there was no way I was going to be anyone’s whip boy – I don’t care what kind of story it made.

“We’ll figure something out,” I said. “We need to get someone else to move in here and take that room. Nobody can afford the extra rent.”

I looked at all of them – and started wondering why it was that they were so broke all the time. I mean, they were making good cash at their gigs, so why wasn’t that translating into being able to pay rent and alway taking stuff from me? First things first – I needed to get a job and get out of there. Hanging out with vampires and prostitutes for too long is a risky proposition because eventually, when they become human to you, there is no judgement on the lives they are leading.

The human tolerance for what becomes normal is astonishing.


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