Fog – Part 1

Chapter 6 if you’re following at home. I guess I should talk about the day she moved into the house. We needed a new roommate, though my eyes were set on leaving the place. I had stacked enough cash and found a few options. When I saw her, all of that crashed around me. She had dark skin and these amazing blue eyes with lips that I wanted to lock around. There was a slight discoloration on her forehead but it only added to her. The girl she was going to share the room with stood behind her friend and didn’t make eye contact when she spoke.

You know when you’re in love because every piece of you body betrays you. It happened to me in that moment. Her name -well I should just use her real name to let the world know who this person is and what to do if she comes around. It’s been a good 15 years since she came into my life, and this is the first I’v put anything down about. When she walked she moved like a child who was struggling to carry a woman’s body. It was too early for her to look like that.

They had just talked to the vampires and the goat faced boy and seemed charmed enough by how unusual they were. The mix of that and the amazing house usually drew people in who were in the middle of searching for how to be unique.

“Is it fun living here,” she said, revealing her age but not too much. “You look kind enough, so if you say so, we’ll move in.”

I should have told her to run away, or better yet, grabbed her hand and saved her right there, but that wasn’t in me. I was in need of her right then, so I folded up and drew her in.

“It’s great here,” I said. “They’re a little strange, but who isn’t.”

“My name’s Josephine,” she said, tilting her head down slightly. “This is Marcy. Thing is, I’m a cat and she’s a butterfly though, so you’ll meed to know that. To me, this girl right here is my center for beauty in the world. Can you see that?”

Just as she said it, I noticed the amazing eyelashes on Marcy and saw the butterfly. I’m not all peace-faced like that normally, so it was kind of a big deal for me to notice. That’s what happens when you fall for someone, they start pointing out things and events in the world that you don’t realize and you think they are opening it up for you. When Josephine spoke, she let the last note of each word just hang in the air.

They moved in and I helped bring all of their stuff up the first flight of stairs. I did my best to walk behind Josephine so I could see her ass move up the stairs. She caught me but liked that I was bold enough to do it. As they were unpacking, I sat in the room with them to see what kind of life they were bring out of their boxes. Now Marcy, she and Carolina got along right away. That dude was wearing one of his underoos that day – might have been a tweety bird – I don’t know. He freaked because she had all of these coloring books and a collection of Crayola crayons including a little factory that allowed you to make your own colors out of the little nubs that couldn’t be used any more. He told her about his my little pony collection and she went wild. There was this little sewing machine in the last box she unpacked and she promised to make little night quilts for each of the ponies.

Josephine was in love with Marcy no doubt – but I think it was because of the childlike colors she brought to the world. She wore rubber bracelets of colors that didn’t match. Josephine wore pretty much all black and had only a few boxes of stuff. No books. None. I loved it. The fact that she carried nothing with her, to me at least, meant she was purely herself in the world and didn’t let possessions define her. She had a box of CDs – mostly The Smiths, Morrissey and some Depeche Mode – you know, the things that you should see and run away from if you ever see a girl you’re falling in love with pull out of a box.

Thing is, at that point, I was still in the habit of creating reality for the image I felt fit the form. Such is youth. They decorated their room quick – Marcy doing most of the work and Josephine commenting about how much she loved everything. There was a few rainbows and gay pride stickers all around the room. They talked about how they would make shrinky dinks that would go around the edges of the room. The goat faced boy liked that and got excited to have a shrink dink party.

The only thing Josephine decorated the room with a picture of this boy – he was young in the picture but looked like he was about to take a journey. He had a beard and a backpack and a baseball hat that seemed awkward on him. She put that up right next to her bed and held her stare for an uncomfortable amount of time. Marcy put up a poster of some Care Bares. A small tear held up in the bottom of Josephine’s bottom eyelid. Marcy looked at me and kind of shook her head without shaking her head – letting me know not to go where I wanted with my next question.

Everything was unpacked.


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