Jobs – Part IV

We moved pretty fast after that. It happens. Love is not love at that age after both of you have had sex with other people. I knew that I could save her if she let me and even if she didn’t, I would still try to be the one to bring her out of the darkness she created. I was young enough to think it was possible. The amount of speed she did didn’t throw me off – I smoked too much back then, but I was inside the ring of that kind of use and, in those days, especially in San Francisco, it was all pretty normal, as long as you didn’t get strung out like the goat faced boy and could afford whatever habit that you had – like the vampires, though I wasn’t too crazy about them really.

I set it up to take her out to North Beach for our first date. I took most of my first dates there because I knew that for exactly 20 dollars I could give them an experience that would last in the romance department and we’d probably end up kissing in the park in front of the old church by the end of it. There was a place called Boche’ Ball cafe’ up near the back streets that had a special pasta menu that was 6 dollars a plate. I could get away with buy a plate a piece, leaving a decent tip, then heading out Mara’s for a Canoli down the street before it was all over. By the time we got to the park, the moon, the city, the Italians, it was on.

I tried to make the same type of plans with Josephine, but she had asked that I get some speed if I could. What was I going to do – I was in love. Whatever she asked for. I wasn’t into it that much. so I had no idea where to get it. I went downstairs to the raver kids house, and asked if he could get any. He smiled. Victor I think his name was – let’s just call him that for now. We’ll see how it shakes out in the rewrites. Victor knew that whatever I bought he would be able to skim off of. He was a nervous guy but didn’t shake. I’m sure he never slept. There were no pictures on his wall and only a simple couch as furniture.

He had two turn table set up on the back wall and usually wore a pair of headphones around his neck. The records he put down just played – I could never tell what his role in the whole thing was. He never DJed at any clubs, only talking about what others were doing. Strange guy but nice in his own kind of way. He was patient and never in a rush to get anywhere or do anything. Though everyone I had lived with had been there for some time, each one told me that Victor was there when they all moved in. He made a quick phone call and within a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. A kid came in – tall and skinny with a baseball hat tacoed out. Tacoed in I guess it would be.

A few words to each other and it was done. Door closed behind him. Smile of Victor’s face.

“Just a line, is that cool?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, though a little worried that he would take too much and there wouldn’t be enough for Josephine. What could I do though – it was his connection and there were rules of politeness. From what he told me, this was pretty good stuff. Glass. They looked like little shards broken up into tiny pieces. He poured himself out a healthy amount but nothing to greedy and started cutting it up until it was as fine as it could get. She took out a straw that was under his turn table and trimmed to the perfect length for him an inhaled, popping up one it was all gone and flexing his nostrils.

“You know,” he said. “We could split this bag if you like. I totally don’t mind going half with you.”

“If there’s any left over after our date, I’ll roll down and sell you what’s left.”

“There’s not going to be anything left bro,” he smiled. “I know that girl. She gonna eat it all. It’s her style to do so. Careful of that.”

He handed me the bag, I gave him the cash, he put on his headphone and started spinning. I stood in silence for a minute before realizing he was in his own world and the need for proper goodbyes was not prevalent.

Back up stairs, I passed Florence as she was on her way to work – hair wet and eyes wild. I could see her fangs because she was yelling back up to Carolina to make sure to clean up the room tonight. A cab pulled up to take her away and she was off. I saw her take out a compact to start putting on make-up before she pulled away.

I had my bag of good speed and a perfect date planned. It take a lot to fall in love in San Francisco.


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