Character Searches

Now it’s hot and I’ll need to get up earlier than ever to get anything down before that sun comes all the way up and melts me away. Coffee is doing not that much in regards to what it really needs to be doing. One positive thing from yesterday was the emergence of the main character. He’s tall, which should work well because I’m going to drive him through the city and have him loose parts of his body piece by piece. He wears glasses, which means his vision, though appearing a bit off, is actually better than most people – but it’s aided in a device that helps him move along. This is going to work. His job is one that is being lost in the last gasp of analog. This works to. He’ll have to loose his apartment as well, but he won’t go homeless. We’ll make him into a her and that’s going to work out very well. We need heroes. I’m looking forward to making this into a heroic journey. Perhaps the narrator is going to find him and then tell his story. In search of a hero to fight against the digital age. I don’t think that’s possible, but it would work well.

So let’s look into our hero now and see what he’s doing. He should be having some bears with some friends who just go laid off. His girl is next to him. She doesn’t need to be a bike messenger but she does so because of him. She needs to feel everything through him and for that reason, as pieces of him start to break down, she is going to need to reflect that. Perhaps she’ll do it to herself. By not paying attention to her, he will be destroying her. I have to be careful to balance out the destruction here with birth as well. We don’t want it a gloomy tale, even with all the vampires and blood. The Vampires are also going to have to be players in the game and not the main stars. Not sure how we are going to work them in. It’s getting fun here. Writing a plan inside the story is always an interesting way to go.

Where is he going to live, this guy? Is he going to be the main character? No, he can’t because the main character lives in the vamp house with the goat faces boy. Perhaps – and this might work, just make him a really strong side character. One of the friends perhaps. The heroic man. The ideal in the main characters eyes. I’m a big fan of these side characters moving around.

I wish is was in some house with trees blowing around me to work this thing instead of all this concrete – though I’m wondering if the sounds of the garbage trucks moving around like they do is helping me jump deeper into fiction. How much to bend the reality of existence to tell this story. It’s much more simple than the last one – that’s for damn sure. Moving off a block into an entire city is more challenging because you have to account for everyone. Where are they at a particular moment? What are they doing right now. I’m going to have to walk around with these characters for the next week and think about where’d they be at a particular moment in the day and start writing that down, so I can follow them and have them lead me. right now, the strong ones are:

1. The two vampires

2. The goat faced boy

3. The bike messenger

4. The bike messengers girlfriend

5. Vince at the Museum

6. Jospehine

These are who I need to keep an eye on. Perhaps some type of travel log. What I need though is the digital representation of it all. Somebody who embodies that live without passing judgement. Meetings should be interesting today.


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