The Rebuild

So usually I start these in the mornings. That’s the story I’ve been telling all of these years. Well, the guys are playing dominoes late tonight. The temperature is above 80. The city is ready. I am ready. I think the story is going to be broken out into characters. Each one of them coming together in some way. I’m about half way through and I think I have the direction now. Let’s move in closer and see what’s there. If possible, I’m going to either move away from the first person completely or try to drive several first person accounts. Might be better to go through the Narrators voice.

I guess we should start with the vampire as that’s the one everyone wants to really be with. Since they were real people, I’ll have to fictionalize them just a little bit. That’s right, there were two of them. We’ll start with her as she was the light in that couple. The brains of the operation.

When Florence was four – wait, let me get the phone book and a little bit of Vodka and start getting through this. Hold on. The guys across the street are still getting into it.

Valerie Stieker. I like that. I didn’t have a phonebook so I used my wife’s Vogue magazine. She is a contributing editor or something. I kind of like that name. So let’s pick up on Valerie’s story.

Valerie was born outside of San Francisco in wine country – far enough from the drugs of the city that’s true, but her parents made enough money for her to go into the city and get into trouble. Same kind of trouble the other kids around her were getting into. When her mother would take her on tours of the winery, she’s always bring this one doll with her. She’d drop it in the rows on force herself to pick it out, somehow always managing to scrape her thumb up against the thorn. When it bled, she sucked it dry. It pleased her, the taste. Not in any way that was gothic or like that, but it just tasted like ice cream. She enjoyed that as well. There was nothing magical about it. Nothing that would suggest that 20 years later she’d be tying businessmen up on her lunch break. She just enjoyed it. The pain even. I think that’s what she enjoyed the very most.

I should have been writing about Mongolia and not touched these damn Vampires. It’s not really about them though, so they shouldn’t haunt me through this. Focus. Valerie found out early on that inflicting pain on people was going to get her what she needed out of life: Making a decent living. I don’t think she meant to become a dominatrix. She was a fantastic writer all of the time when she was in school. Her teachers told her she was going to go far through life. This was a big point of everything.  She was gifted in any way buy she decided that she had a gift for inflicting pain without feeling guilty about it. That was a great thing she soon discovered because many people out there wanted to be beaten in a number of ways. Perhaps it’s because we are all looking to scream so loud we can chase the demons from us. I have some inside, but I’m only a narrator here.

I have no idea why I am even giving ink to this woman. I want to travel to Mongolia in the time period I have been setting out, but now I’ve started this and I think at least there are a few more people watching. Why do I put it down like this in short spurts? Because I’m trying to keep the lights on. So perhaps Valerie’s parents were attempting to do much of the same thing? They did odd jobs around the wine country? What the hell do I know about wine country and how could I possibly put a character out there. Let’s move her to the small coastal town of, oh what was the name of that town just above Gilroy. That migrant farmer town? I drove hours from Los Angeles in the middle of the night for a crack at a newspaper job there. It was a small newspaper that reported on the happenings of this small town – the name – the name..Watsonville. Hell  yes. She should be from Watsonville. That makes much for sense now. Okay.

So, Valerie did the same things when she followed her mother into the field. But her mother was a reporter. She was a great reporter who could have gone anywhere in the world to write. Well, not anywhere in the world to write, but anywhere in the country. She was afraid of nothing and had the drive of a steamboat. Steamboats have great drive I think. So anyway, she was offered jobs all over the country to write and she went were she was needed. Now we won’t say this up front, but in the background, we’ll keep Valerie’s early childhood memories of ones where her mother turned down comfort and stability in the name of helping out others ease their pain by taking it on herself. There is something masochistic inside of doing that. A pain she is trying to erase, but when you erase other’s pain, you do it for yourselves.

Valerie watched her mother pouring over stories trying to give a face to the union while hers peeled away. Her father. Her father I think should have been a truck driver or something like that? He should have been noble – but something that was a part of the machine and something that could easily be replaced. A truck driver would fit the bill I think because it would give her mother the space she needed to write her stories. It will fit nice as well because it will make him be literally part of the machine, though we won’t sat that directly. We’ll talk about the indentations of the hands on the wheel and how his didn’t quite fit inside of them but he still forced it in there.

The tomato season would be a big time and big money making driver for them. We’re going to have to kill him off or at least take away his legs so he couldn’t walk. It might be good to take away his ability to have sex as well. That would fit into her character. We might also touch on some strange things, well you can’t really go around now saying that some of the sexual things that are done are strange now that you’ve already mentioned the whipping and the rest of the stuff. It should all be handled in a very manner of fact way so as to appear like a street sign. San Francisco was very much like that so it’s best to approach it in such a way. There is nothing strange.

So there is Valerie Streaker. Streaker I think is a little bit better. Well thank you very much Vogue magazine for listing your editors.

So, we can see then how should would have gone to San Francisco? She got a scholarship to go to Berkley but soon dropped out because she was learning more in the city across the bay and just could not hang in that college atmosphere. While there was rebellion and free thought, that was even a little bit institutionalized and there was no struggle. In the city, there was opportunity to make some real cash dancing, which she found to be quite natural for her. She danced and gather stories from her adventures as a stripper, but she very quickly became the center piece for most of everything she wrote for.

She met him one day back stage. Him. He has to be the villain here and she will be the tragic figure who see exactly what she is but does not consider herself to be a tragedy.

What about him? Born in Hawaii a tall, skinny pale goth guy, he naturally grew to resent the sun and all things tan. The world of being a vampire would really appeal to him. To make his niche, he started going to night clubs and selling whatever drugs were in high demand during those times. Well, I guess they’re in demand at all times. Makes more sense that way anyhow. He came to San Francisco because he had sold some bad X to the son of a pretty powerful family and they were after him to avenge their son’s OD. There were rumors that this guy – let’s name him right now again for good. Carolina doesn’t really work. Leslie Lipton. That works actually. Thanks again Vogue editor’s byline pages.

Leslie, which he had gone to calling himself, jumped the first flight he could find and ended up in San Francisco, but couldn’t make it as a drug dealer in the club scenes out there, so he switched to heroin and found a good business shelling that out to the sex workers. It’s always good to concentrate on the working class when you’re distributing your product. Leslie met Valerie at the O’Farell and found that they had a mutual interest in vampires, heroin and being underground superstars in the dominatrix business. The business of pain is always big.

I think that sets the stage for who these two are. I should file this under character development, but I’ll keep it in this stream. Now they have a history and real names. Damn vampires. They have a niche market and a specialty though, so they’ll work for what I’m trying to get at. They’ll have to be the success story here.


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