The Rebuild – Part IV

The last book, the main character was the villain, so it was easier to have each of the side characters play the roles of the good guy. This time, I guess I could make the villain a venture capitalist, but that’s kind of cheap just to have the capitalist be the bad guy. It’s a little easy. So what I’m going to need to do is give him a backstory as well. Or her. It might be a little more enjoyable to make it a woman. Or a team. A Husband and wife team. Maybe they lost something as well. They ran a farm upstate and lost it to the big farming companies or to Monsanto or something like that. Yes. Names.

Carol and Nathan Martin. So, these two were part of what was supposed to be the American dream. They had been high school lovers and never made the mistake of trying to look somewhere else for that feeling they had for each other. The waited until the graduated to buy their house. Each of them took out huge loans and attended UC Davis for agriculture. They were planning on running a small farm somewhere in Northern California, something small. No livestock or anything like that. Fruits of some kind. Carol had her family’s apple pie recipe in her mind and thought that they could sell that locally and one day spread down the coast of California. The state was big like that. Nathan had a mind for turning profit, but the heart of a man who just wanted to wake up and jump in his tractor while the sun was rising up.

They both graduated and bought a place not to far from the school. Had a kid. Were starting to run their farm pretty well when they found out that they weren’t able to save their seeds because the company they bought them from owned the patent on them. They rebelled and reused them anyway. Got sued by the company that owned the seeds. Lost everything and nearly had their child taken away from them. Moved down to San Francisco into a one bedroom or even a studio apartment in the Tenderloin and started again. This time in Real Estate. Nathan figured that he’d be the Land lord from here on out so nobody would ever take their kid away again. Carol, who followed whatever Mike wanted, partnered up and they started out on the money trail that was lining up all of the city.

The new breed of money maker was the Venture capitalist. They were looking to turn minimal investments into big things. Looking to build empires without foundations. Something on an idea. Now in San Francisco at this time, people had giant ideas and were selling those ideas for millions of dollars and if you put yourself right in the middle of those deals, well then, you’d be able to grab quite a bit for yourselves. That’s just what Carol and Martin did. They had the ability to sit down with the big thinkers and have their trust, then turn around and have lunch with the investors and sell them a plot of land that didn’t exist. The internet had unlimited real estate that nobody understood but everyone wanted to be a part of. The thing is that with every dollar sunk into a new idea, an idea for progress, that mean less money was going into the stable institutions that were holding up the country.

In San Francisco, that mean that people like bike messengers were going to be replaced by email, small cafe’s were going to be replaced by chains, and, well, you can get the idea. Now inside, somewhere, Carol and Nathan knew it was wrong to be doing this, that they somehow had turned from the people trying to make something and create a local form of economy into the wrecking balls that were swinging without blueprints. However, once you’ve had your soul placed in the pawn shop and put up for sale at a discount, your vision of right and wrong gets destroyed. It turns to self preservation.

So now these two lived in Pacific Heights and were the ones who looked perfect on the outside but were eroding on the inside. See, during the days, when taking a break for having lunch with investors – while Carol was taking their now 4 year old to Montessori School over in Marin, it was Nathan who was paying people to tie him up and beat him so that no marks who be left. Just as it was ending, Carol would come in and catch him in the act, sometimes with one, but usually with two people who looked liked vampires. She would finish him off and then the both of them would end up going at it while the vampires either watched or read magazines. At that point, it didn’t matter what they did.

After their game was over, they’d walk out for a nice lunch and talk about how they were going to handle the rest of the day’s meetings. Everything was businesslike and professional. Organized. They had the bad beaten out of them and were ready to once again take on the world and start selling it for what it was worth.

Yes, these two will do nicely for the villains I think. The intersection of characters is going to work very well.

I’m pleased.


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