Planning for the Underground – Part 1

So setting up a society to run by itself is going to be difficult, but with the people in place and the characters developed enough, I think we can at least take a stab at it. San Francisco is the perfect place for all of this to be planned. I guess the idea would have to come from Alberto. He seems to be the leader and I would love to create a hero here. So let’s have him on a Job interview that he doesn’t get.

Can I put it in his voice? Let me try.

I wasn’t sweating because I was nervous or because of the outfit I had on for the interview. Hell, there were other situations where I was in more danger than that. This guy sitting across from me was looking at my resume then looking at me, then stealing looks from the women walking around in back of me. They were more like girls I guess. The whole place was an old warehouse like the ones we used to break into and throw parties not to long ago. They were building all around. The sounds of construction echoed similar ones that were taking place throughout all of the old routes I used to ride.

The office that was being instructed in front of me was causing me to twitch. I knew that I needed the money, but I might lose my mind within a week of sitting down in a chair for so long. He explained to me that they were a start up company, and seemed very excited about everything.

“See, we’re part of the internet revolution!” he said, his eyes flying out of his face and his skin doing little to stop that motion from happening. “What we are going to do is create this website, you know what a website is, yes? You email, right?”

“Who doesn’t” I said, lying and searching for a definition of what that meant.

“So, what we are going to do is be a professional website for people who can’t stand in line. Get it! I love it when I say it and I more than love it when I say it to other people and they say it back to me.”

“You want me to wait in line?” I asked, seeing his face drop with disappointment that I didn’t give him a huge high five on that one.

“No no. What we DO is say, you’re working downtown. You want to go to a concert right? You can’t wait in line all day. So, you register with us and we wait in line for you! It works for everything. We’ll go to the post office to pick up your package as well. Want to go to the House of Nanking for a date? Just order us up and we’ll be there waiting so you can walk on in. We’re going to be called You love it. I can tell you love it.”

I didn’t love it and almost threw up all over my best interview shoes. I thought this guy was totally insane and worse than that, creating something that was not only useless but destined to fail.

“You think people are going to want that,” I asked. “What’s the big deal about waiting yourself. Some of the best stuff in the world happens where you’re waiting for something else to go down. The journey, no?”

“There’s no vision in your eyes,” he said to me. “I’ve raised 3.5 million dollars for this. I have people building the site right now. WE have an infrastructure.  We have coffee machines right here in the office. We are going to all eat breakfast together like the Japanese do. I’ve been to Japan you know and watched how they do things. You’re missing out on what’s happening. It’s going to happen everywhere and you’ll be left standing outside watching while we’re all eating breakfast like the Japanese!”

I got up and walked away from him. I could hear him open his desk drawer that wasn’t really a desk but more like a door laid across two saw horses and a few cabinets built in to give it an authentic industrial look. The sounds of whatever pills he was about to pop rattled in their bottle as I walked through the door.

Whatever revolution they were planning, I would not only abstain from, but I would probably have to fight.

What other way was there to live?


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