Planning for the Underground – Part 2

Man it is roasting out and it’s only June. I know people aren’t supposed to talk about the weather, but I’m not sure what can get done during these next months. Writing at night might be a solution but I have nothing left during those times. Let’s push on.

Switch Character Voices.

I first saw Alberto smoking outside of the office building, I guess it was an office building now. We skated inside the old abandoned version of it so many times. Not sure even we really even skated. I skated a bit, but brought my camera in there to take shots in the dark and see if I could add light in the development of it. I liked that best about working in the camera shop. Not having that in my life left me with too much time on my hands, and when I had that, well, breaking into peoples houses became as much as a hobby as it did a career choice. I worked the same hours that they did because, well, when folks are at work, it’s just easier that way. I never really knew exactly what to take and where to sell it. Felt kind of stupid actually because while breaking in was easy, I had no idea what to do while I was inside.

Alberto and I met when he asked me for a light for his smoke.

“You looked so pissed,” I said to him, lighting his cigarette. “Nothing can be that bad – unless someone died or something like that. That didn’t happen, did it?”

“I might have just died in there,” he said. “Just – the guy – HE’S in control. People like him are running the city and it’s driving me insane. I’m not ready to leave just yet though. I was happy in my work before. Now, I just can’t see that happening. Sorry for bitching. Thanks for the light.”

He was about to walk away when I cracked the top of my beer. I guess the sound prevented him from taking the next step.

“Looks good right?” I said, drinking about a third of it with the hopes of cooling down under the sun.

“That it does,” he shot back, looking at the beer and then at the liquor store across the street. “Mind if I join you? Might keep me from going off and doing something stupid.”

“Well, at least doing something stupid by yourself. That’s no fun.”

I gestured for him to go pick up a beer for himself across the street. Walking out of the store, he was carrying a six pack, which we drank up against the wall and waited out the sun under the shadow of a sign that was about to be removed in the final stages of construction.


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