Pushing Analog – Part IV

The more I think about the title of this chapter, the more I think it would be a good name for the book. Thought it might have to have something of a tag line underneath. Pushing Analog – A glimpse at the rebelling against the digital age. We’ll see – just need to push through and get this sucker finished already. Summer writing – nothing like it. All of the Con Ed. Trucks below me are trying to keep the lights on. I have this bump on my foot I’m going to the doctor to check out this morning. Should be a fun trip to the East Side of the world. Don’t get out there much. Part of me has played out some bad scenes in my head on that. Here we go. Back in.

Let’s have Valerie speak up a little bit here. She’s been silent for awhile and I think she’s becoming a favorite of readers. She is of mine.


The boys were excited about the success coming in. They’re like that. For me, beating people over and over again was boring me. I wasn’t writing at all, and dancing even less. Of everything I did in the sex industry, the dancing gave me the most pleasure. Made me feel like a girl up there. Sexy. Sure, you know, I’m not the typical girl you see in magazines, although these days, the magazine girls are looking more like me. Hey, maybe I inspired a trend. If I get out of here – I think you’re going to let us go eventually because you can’t pin it all on one person, but when I get out of here I might just model and let people take pictures of me not doing anything. I’m a little tired of doing things.

Sorry – so yeah, everything was going well. I had started renting a nice place in Pacific Heights away from all of the bullshit. I don’t like things dirty – right? Dirty is my work and that’s kind of my thing, but I go home and shower like everyone else. You think I just take a bath in blood and watch horror movies all night long? Come on. Do you watch cop movies when you go home. Do office people go on and live inside of these little cubes when they go home and ask permission to do something when the time calls for that to happen? I don’t think so. That’s not really making to much sense to me. The days out in Pacific Heights are amazing. No homeless people out there with their hands out and not too many of those graffiti kids that tag up the city. I don’t have any of the work crew over at my house because it messes up the neighborhood pretty good.

So let’s see – you want some action. I took walks down Market street in the morning listening to Miles Davis. Some people might have preferred Charlie Parker, but it’s better to be blue in the morning here. See, you can get the entire strip if you do that and then, when you dance or perform or do those things that require you to move with your soul, you’ll be able to work off of that blue. I guess so. I know I’m rambling a bit and you want to know about the drugs and where they came from. It wasn’t our fault that kid ODed and the fact that you’re all blaming it on us – just because he was the son of – who was it? The Mayor? Something like that? Who’s the mayor of this town anyway? I have no idea. You think if he hadn’t died in our place he wouldn’t be dead somewhere else? I don’t even know how he got in there – well, yes. That’s not true. See, if I tell you I invited him there, that’s not going to get me in trouble because I think, and I’m right here, that  you’re going to have to prove that I gave him whatever it was that killed him, and that for sure isn’t true. I told all of them no drugs in there. We were doing just fine. Any escape from reality is a positive thing after you deal with what you deal with on the everyday level of life. Who the hell knows – I haven’t ever lived that life and there’s no way I’m going to.

See, what you didn’t understand is that everything we were doing is a rebellion against what’s coming. This damn digital age is the enslavement of us all. You’ll see. They’re all talking about how this internet thing “The Showcase of the 90s” or however they’re selling it in press releases, this is just going to make life so easy for everyone one. They’ll just start communicating through it – sitting there thinking that they’re making something. Creating something. Living a life that they’re just not living. We fought that and created something for ourselves off of the desires of others. I’m not going down because some little punk couldn’t handle whatever he put into his body. We called the police didn’t we? Well, we didn’t call the police, but we dropped this kid off at the hospital. We could have just chopped him up and made him vanish. That would have made for a hell of a show and I’m sure would have increased our revenue. Could have hired out a sushi chef that just got fired and had him slice this kid up real nice, then serve him to the guests. They would have clapped along I have no doubt. People love to be entertained. I’m in the entertainment business. Can I go? I’m not giving up any names of anyone who did anything. Clients? You want our client list? Not going to happen. There’s one copy of that and it gets destroyed after each show. The pleasures of analog gentlemen. And lady, I didn’t want to forget you over there on the other side of the glass.\

***NOTES Got to get this down before I somehow forget. It would be interesting to have this entire movement grow out of a group that has all been fired from something because they have been replaced by a machine or computer. That way, the number of unemployed people actually helps this group grow. They could recruit down at the unemployment offices. Yes. Oh man, that could be it. It would start there. The book would start there.

Like this:

We waited for them down at the unemployment office and the pickings were better and better each day. The coming of the digital age meant that we could have our pick of the discarded and no longer needed. They’d work cheap and fight hard for a cause that was trying to take back their lives. Yes. Nice. More time to write. I need it. 


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