Pushing Analog – Part V

Now see, here is the part where I should be going back and diagraming things out, but we’ll push through like a downhill ride out of pacific heights and into the fillore. I’ve taken you all around the city for these things – but settled nowhere. That’s because the time here, the way it moves and the way we react to it is so unsettling I have nothing to say about being on the ground. Nobody walks. We all just float around with the rest of the ghosts looking only at what others see as their reflections. See, if you start to notice yourself you loose. The game is over – and we didn’t want that to be over at all.

I’m not sure what people want from the world their in, but we all knew. I think that’s what bonds people together. Not so much interest but what they want from it. Thing is, that it grows. What they want grows always. Well, let’s see how I can jump back into this story hear. As always happens around this time in a book, the one on the horizon is showing off, thinking that it would be an easier task to tackle that one – but we know, the voices in my head know that this is not true.

Everything has taken place so much in the night time and the early mornings of this story, how about a few more looks into the afternoon. These times in the city were so empty and you could focus in on one or two people just walking around living there lives. We need a name for the Photographer already. Let’s use something from an old story and then bring it in here. Peter Cannon, better known as Pete the Wolf if you subscribe to Nicknames. I’m sure you gut knew about that anyway.

Pete the Wolf

Me, I never cared much for big plans. Money and time. Those were the two things I needed, so no matter who approached me with jobs, as long as I had time to take pictures and money enough to live life as I saw fit to live it, things were going to be just fine. People died all around me. I didn’t care much about that. Got offered a job with the SFPD being an after scenes crime photographer, but the schedule was too much for me. The money was good but I had to be available for them at all times, which was no good. I’m nobody’s call in guy. So, you know, when I got pulled into all of this, I like it because I had the entire day and early night free, then just had to be up there for a few hours in the early mornings and we were golden. The money was enough and the scene started to expand.

Starting off, most of the events focussed on the beat downs. Right – you know that already. But soon, you know, more and more people were asking for a variety of things. Now, when you get a group of people together like that, people aching for something new, you can insert a leader at any moment. I was pretty big into graffiti in those days – those nights actually. There was a big world out there in San Francisco for such things. Tons of art school kids melted up with native SFers and battled on the walls. The violence wasn’t really there in the bay. Not like that. Not where we were. So, for those who didn’t want to be beaten down but still taken on an adventure, there was a different path to take. We handed out hoodies and spray paint and went bombing in the city. Now, we would start off south of Market where there was nothing but abandoned buildings or under construction jobs like the ones where I had met Alberto. At first they’d be all hesitant because they were afraid of being caught, but as soon as that spray paint started hitting the wall, they were hooked.

Strange thing started happening right there – and it happened pretty often. The deeper into the night they got and the more weed they smoked – that was something I always brought along and didn’t tell any of them about – not Alberto, Vince, Valerie – none of the crew because they were afraid that it would have brought too much attention from you all. Right? I mean, how many of you are really going to chase down any graph writers? Not many of you can looking at the size of those bellies right there. Right? So, anyhow, I brought herb because I thought it would loosen them up and let their minds go a bit. We wanted them all a little gone. Anyway – hey, are you going to be putting this down exactly like I say it to you? Like, if I read it back, it’s going to be exactly like I was talking? Nice.

So, after a bit, they started wanting to turn it on the places were they worked. I remember this one time these guys – they did something with sales or advertising – something like that, where they just got wore down day by day looking to build something in the small space they had been given. These two guys, they were the loudest of the group. They started screaming about “Let’s do something that everyone’s going to see come the morning!” So, they led the group down to their office building and just started tagging the hell out of it. They were just throwing up direct bombs like “You can’t think Mr.-” oh what was his name? I have not idea about names. Well, you get the idea. They loved trashing where they worked at night. Never could understand why they didn’t have the same courage in the daytime. No room to think I supposed.

Yeah, that was my thing in all of that. I wasn’t even around when that kid overdosed, I was out on a bombing tour of the city with the latest group. You could ask -well, no you couldn’t ask anyone. Still, I had nothing to do with it. Whatever stuff he put into his body he brought with him. That’s a fact. Hey, do you guys have the film developed from that night? Whatever  you took from me should show what we were doing that night. I always took pics of the people in our group and sold them back to them for a nice price. Like when you get off the ride at Disneyland. This was something else though. How did you all find out about this?

You know how far we actually got? Nobody pays attention to freaks in this city because they tend to really run the town. I don’t care about running anything. When it’s all over, those photos are going to be the mark and they’ll be hanging in some gallery somewhere or getting auctioned off for a boatload of loot and then what’s going to happen? People are going to speak of me and look at what I was a part of. I didn’t join any movement, I created something. I fought against this bitch that’s coming – and you’re on the wrong side. You think any type of revolution is going to come in the form of those movies or books where there’s this ominous music playing and a dark cloud comes over and eats up the city? No. It won’t work like that. They’re going to sell it right down at you – and yuse you all – oh shit, it doesn’t matter how I tell you, not for your sake anyway.


I noticed the kid switch right there. He realized something then I didn’t see that he realized. He saw that someone had been writing it all down the entire time. He knew right there that those words would go a long way – those and his pictures, to documenting what he had done. It was like he wanted to get caught somehow. Like that all didn’t mind getting caught. No, that’s not true. He was the only one who get asking how it was being written down. I think he even asked a few times about what they others said. He had it all together. I could swear there was something inside him that enjoyed the kid getting killed – well, not killed, but overdosing. That wasn’t right. Sick little guy. He had a grand plan, though he wasn’t the leader. He had to much patience to be a leader. I’ve been on the force for a bit and I saw that. I could see that. The stories they were telling me though, how everyone was getting off on this grotesque stuff, I just didn’t understand it. There were things that I saw as a police office that I had to drink out of me. I’d rather not get into it now. But man, this little kid could run, but he didn’t know I had that in me as well. I’m not fast, but I could book.

See, I ran track over at Lowell High School. Was damn good at it too. Thing is, not much room for a track start after high school. Where can you go and make money? So, after bouncing around doing a few things here and overseas – and I did a few things overseas. Tough English in Japan for a bit and that was pretty awesome, until you realize that so many people over there were people that were running away from their lives and I wasn’t really running away from anything – just looking for steady work.

I came back to the city and found that everything out there was either a desk job or one of these new computer things, and I couldn’t sit still for the life of me. Just wasn’t built like that at all. I was built for distance and that’s what I ran – so I saw one day while riding on the bus, think it was the 22 line – an ad calling for police. Asked if I wanted to make a difference doing something that I would get paid well for. Well, got to say that something clicked inside of me and then I just did it. Worked out well I think. If I make to to the end without ending up dead or babbling to myself for the stuff I’ve seen on calls, I’ll have a house, money in my pocket, and kids off in school. Thing is you just see the strangest things when people call the police. I mean, think about it – nobody calls the police unless they are in some deep shit, so when you get a call and open that door, what’s on the other side? Well, there are plenty of books about that.

This thing here that these kids are mixed up in, it’s on some other level stuff.


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