Kicking in – Part 2

Deep in now. Is the story actually there? Pretty soon were going to haver to take it down off of here and start looking through everything. The tough part. The hair falling out part. The keeping my wife awake at night part. This is supposed to be the fun stuff. Let’s keep it going and try to show what’s going on instead of just explaining everything. Should work out fine. Everything usually works out in the end when it comes to all of this stuff. Perhaps this weekend it will rain and we can just stay inside and finish it all up.  I can hear the hoses cleaning off the concrete below.

So now it comes back to this – the running through the city – the uneven bars and the balance it takes to go on for the entire routine. At work, they were cranking things up but we didn’t know about it. I need to put some of the set up in there. How about something from one of the brothers who owned the company. Yes, let’s bring in the Villains.

The Villain

People usually show a side of what happens when you do something wrong and you know exactly what you’re doing that explains the reason. The Why. There is a soft spot in the character that allows people understand why he does something evil. Sympathy. I’ve never experienced that. See – when we were approached  by Pop Core to help with the creation of The Venture Capitalist Movement, well, I didn’t hesitate. See – in the Early 90s, there was a chance for a new awakening among young people. They were extremely politically aware, had buying power, and were about to settle into positions of power in the world. They had their eyes on what was happening and put a very liberal man in the white house to carry out what they wanted to do. The country was changing. You can look back at JFK and what was going on there as well – how the start of the Civil Rights movement, women’s lib and all the rest of that mess what starting to take hold. It was shifting the tectonic plates of Americas reality to the very core of its definition. And then, somehow, the movement stopped being led by minds and speakers – those were all taken out by bullets or by putting them in jail, and were replaced by musicians and artists. Now, see, these were all very fine people, but it stopped the movement. The audience, or as you see it the masses of people in America felt that listening to protest songs and watching movies about anti war and anti imperialism were enough in the movement. They shared the experience and were satisfied that they had done their part. It was a brilliant switch, and the company behind it, Pop Core, was amazing at picking out individuals that people would follow. How? They just found what got at their emotional core. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye – This core group that lead the so-called “60s revolution” was just a distraction so they group of young people who had elevated their level of consciousness would be firmly distracted in all of their ways. Truly a brilliant plan – entertainment had always been the way to get folks to look the other way. After all of the leaders were destroyed, it wasn’t too long before people just started taking an amazing amount of drugs and listening to music, thinking that their minds were expanding – all the while they were just being paralyzed to stop the final step in the global take over of America’s few corporations that were running the world. This isn’t news – most people know it’s happening, but there’s nothing to be done. You think there’s nothing to be done, but you’re not looking at the right place – why is that? Because you’re just being told where to look.

So, in the early 90s, just like in the early 60s, you could see the trend moving to a very high level of thought. It was reflected in what people were doing. The conversations on the street. The actions they took at the polls. Africa Medallions had replaced gold chains. Races were mixing. Countries were being traveled to openly. Journalists were exposing cover-up after cover up. Everyone was starting to look at the right places. The corporations that were running the world knew this had to end – so they reached out to us and others like us to do it. The internet revolution was indeed a revolution, but not in the way all of you think. They knew that if they could get all of these young people with all of these ideas and independent thought to just sit down in front of a computer for 10 hours a day, there would be little left for the real world. Cell phones and all of that were part of the plan, but we were going to keep that one for the 2000s because it would be something to satisfy the hunger once the interest dropped out.

Tons of money was made available for anyone starting up an internet company because the more people go employed and sat down in front of this box, the less would be poking around and seeing how we were settling in to places in the mid east and Africa to start extracting oil before it all got used up. Who did anything when our final castration of Africa was going on? When we created ethnic cleansing in Sudan? I didn’t hear it. We took away the power that music and movie had because the evolution had become too much. They got a life of their own so we turned it off – made sure that there were no more nationalist type of videos out there and made smoking herb and drinking an anthem of 12 years olds so they wouldn’t develop to much questioning while we groomed them to sit in front of computers. People were looking millions on balance sheets but that who round of financing, multiple rounds of financing really, just kept people busy. Figure how much each barrel of oil was being sold for then find out how little it meant to loose 10 million dollars. It was a small security price to pay to keep folks off the streets.

So we ran this little shop in San Francisco, which was the perfect jumping off point for the so-called internet revolution. After all, most of that mess in the early 60s started out there, so before everything spread out east again, we figured we’d take all of those skaters, hip hop heads, riot girls, punks, graffiti artists – all of that alternative culture riding the cusp of the Beastie Boys Check Your Head Cross over album, and march them into cool offices with all you can eat food, loose rules on drug use, and plenty of beer – and just sedated them with a computer screen that seemed to be doing so much but just put you to sleep. Indeed, it was all just a lullaby.

Valerie Streiker

I was out there late one night, just looking around on the internet. I could learn tons of stuff on that thing – there was a community of girls who had lived life like I had. Amazing how different everyone had gone – they all liked my stories of vampires and beat downs.


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