Kicking in – Part 4

Trying for Villains. You need to have love when you create them. Need to give them a reason for reaching so deep down and bringing out the worst in themselves. It’s something that can’t be done with a broad stroke. Good guys and girls, that’s nice and well – I think they help fill the pages well, but for a hero to actually shine, you’re gong to need that sweet villain. We’ll see how it all turns out – I’m interested to be sure. We will be able to get it all out there on the table and once it’s set, it should just be a giant feast. What about the Venture Capitalists? They should be a set of brothers. Let’s see how we can play with them.

The Brothers

It made it hard to live, being brothers. For me – my name’s #1 ( I can’t think of names right now for these two, so placeholders for #1 AND  #2 are going to have to suffice.) I have never really been in to leaving the world behind. My brother, i guess you could say he was the more talented one than I. We played in bands together but I was always trying to keep up with him – follow his lead. He played an amazing bass and I was on the drums always looking to him to keep the beat. We got a lot of girls playing in gigs all around San Francisco. Grew up there. I think had I stayed with it, or even given up, he could have made something of himself as a musician. I have no desire – had no desire to do that. If I couldn’t be the best, no reason to do it. Now #2, he was a natural and had he kept on doing what he was supposed to do, He could have have a career out of it. Thing is, I had to make sure we did everything together. We raised ourselves. Our Parents were long gone by the time we realized what long gone meant.

My mother died of cancer when we were both around 7, and my father, never one to be able to deal with life and the downturns it took, went shortly after that. All of his friends and uncles at the funeral said it was of a broken heart, but I would say it was because a lack of one. I’m a little harsher than most in what I think and what I say. Something that made me a decent punk rock band member, but an even better man in the corporate world. That world is very easy – see, if you’re looking to extract measures of success by accomplishments and numbers on a balance sheet, it’s the perfect place.

Now, we were the same age my brother and but he was younger in spirit and his eyes weren’t as dark as mine. That’s not just a figurative statement – if you looked, the brown part of his pupils was in perfect proportion to the whites, while the darkness inside of mine covered more ground. Take what you want from that. Anyhow, we started playing more and more around the city and even had a few gigs over at Gilman in Berkley, before I started to think about the future and how being on stage in front of any of these people was not going to give me what I wanted out of life.

I saw, – and I think I saw this because I wasn’t that engaged with the music, that most of the people in that punk rock scene, in any music scene, were all actually geniuses. Right? I mean, memorizing those songs and understanding the math behind making music. The perfection of a song. And what about the people who kept it all going on the technical side? There wasn’t a problem they couldn’t fix. They were all giant nerds who girls loved – now that was by far the best part of the entire gig. The girls. Nerd love. Everyone was actually reading Geek Love back then, which made it even better. But I saw that the mainstream culture was starting to pick up on the geekiness of the punk rock world, so something inside of me – I don’t know how to explain the moment that these things happen, but there it is I guess – something inside of me put it together.

I saw this as the new workforce, but had to get them out of the bands and small music halls they were all existing in. I mean, I loved hanging around with these guys and girls, listening to their conversations, but I wasn’t on their level musically, so it just made sense to try and pull them out of it and into a business setting. It had to be sold to them though. The office where they were at needed to reflect lifestyle – I thought that. I needed that. So they didn’t have to shave their goats or take of their jeans for slacks. Hell, I was pretty sure as soon as everyone started wearing jeans to the office, it would be nearly impossible to turn back and revert to how they used to live. Comfort is tough to return from. My brother, I could convince him. He was happy with himself and therefore would be happy anywhere he went. He had that gift.

There were talk of all of these people called Venture Capitalists with tons of money in their accounts looking for something to invest in. Not sure where they came from because not too long before any of that was taking place, the country was flat broke and nobody had a dime. Then all of sudden it was all about coming up with ideas of investment. You would have an idea, get someone to invest, building your idea up and out, then bring it out onto the market and allow for everyone to start investing in it. It was money making money.

Now, just the idea. I need that. What is it they were building?


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