Kicking In – Part 5

Now the shaping part it’s just so difficult. I have my players. Added the characters that I needed. The streets and locations. The story. That’s going to be the part – but once the weather gets cold, once that happens, It will be easier to get into that painful process. Though here, at the start of the end, it’s like fitting what I need. I have all of the emotions, now it’s just the concentration of the structure. Very strange dynamics – The love story here inside of all of this, and I don’t know quite how to get at it. I’m sure he’s going to have to leave the teacher – Lila, because she’s not going to evolve. She won’t move into that digital world with him, so Alberto is going to have to loose him. What to do with Sarah is going to be key. See, she’s going to have to become famous, but she’ll deal with it in a much different way. It’s going to be Sarah that emerges on top in the story, she’s going to have to take the hero spot from Alberto – he will have to break down through the entire tale. Broken bones, loss of hearing, dimmed sight, until he is just a shell – perhaps kept alive by a machine. It’s going to be sad, but we need to show how the human is going to break down. It will be Sarah who stays by his side through it all – and I think it will work. She has the patience and will be occupied with her literary mash ups.

The Villains – I have no idea. They are going to have to get more and more powerful but that power will corrupt of course. One of them will deal with it much better than the other though. Not sure how that’s going to exactly play out. We will see. It’s all getting a little twisted. The question is now what did they do with all of the information – well, we know what they did with with. They sold it to other companies who built websites and created phones. But why? Where was the giant conspiracy taking place in all of that – where was the love that was haunting all of the world for us to see? Why did it have to happen that way and why were people so willing to look for an escape? I guess that would be one of the themes that played out throughout the entire story – that everyone was looking for some type of escape here and for that world – the world we need to exist in – to move in a certain way. See now, the middle of the book is tough to get through, but now, here – this part – the set up to the ending is even tougher because if we’re wrong, if there is a turn outside of the way it’s supposed to go, I’m not sure where it’s going at this point. I think the zine girl is going to have to do some reporting and exploring on everything – that she is going to have to know what’s happening and give up what she’s doing to explore.

I have no idea. Need time to get at all of this, which i don’t have now. Choices have to be made very soon or it’s all going to fall apart.


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