The Villains – Part 1

Interesting last week. People at work are starting to find out about the book. Good stuff but it’s going to push me to get this next one done. Living in two worlds is harder and harder each day. No matter. This one. Get it done. So the Villains have to carry it all through but the need for the girl following everything is just as important and I think – I know, that’s what I have to concentrate on. She’s going to have to be a kind of detective. Perhaps that’s the stories that are all coming out of all of this. I’m not sure what is trying to be told and now it’s doesn’t matter as much. It’s a Saturday so things have slowed down a bit. I think this is going to have to go offline soon, but here in this space I can still create on it. I will push through.

The girl. Sarah – forgot her last name, but will keep going. Let’s see if I can have her sit down with Valerie and have a conversation. Where should they go? Somewhere where everything is moving around. How about the Make-up counter at Macy’s in the Mall. Should be good.

Sarah and Valerie

So I went down with Valerie to go put on some make up. No, not put on the make up, but to buy some. She needed something new for one of her shows. I couldn’t see myself doing it, but I loved to sit there and watch her do her show, then watch the others in the audience watching her do what she did. It was amazing because the stories jumped off of their faces – it was where they were escaping to and what they were escaping from. I couldn’t see much of it because it was dark, but in that darkness something else was coming around. The shading of their lives. I guess I was reporting on the story of what was going on in the audience, on stage, and back stage. I never really did much writing – just like cutting up what others wrote and then put it all together, so this was something else that I really enjoyed and needed to do. I don’t know that I needed to do it, but I did it anyway and really enjoyed the part of creating my own. It had three different parts and I felt like the director of a play. I would watch her do her show then write while the other dancers did their things. I had access to the back stage area and wrote it all down (SEE OTHER SECTIONS FOR THAT).  I don’t know that our friendship was built of of tragedy and I can’t really understand why most of the characters in books and movies – the female characters at least, always have this tragic past that was somehow influenced by a man who did something to them. That always just keeps the power in the hands of the men because they have been writing these things all along. They write it and we walk into their destiny or at least away from our own, but that’s the same thing. I was totally in love with Valerie and started kind of becoming her groupie. I loved my mom and all, but I never wanted to be like her. I never sat back and just watched her move through the world and thought to myself – yes, this is who I want to be like for sure. I’m going to do this one day. Valerie was different.

INSERT ALL OF THAT STUFF from the back STORY and put in here. We can bring that interview stuff in with the cops to this part of the story, or better yet, it might just server things better to have  it in the front. Take it out of the cop station and make it all her. Perhaps she could be the Narrator throughout. Yes. That would be kind of interesting I think and give it a wide eyed fresh look at the world of San Francisco and keep everything kind of optimistic. It was would be that stoic way of kind of looking at the world. Interesting. That would allow me to write from the first person for sure but still keep people from thinking that the character was me. That third person narrative is so hard to do anyway. We shall see. It’s not that it’s hard, but it feels distant to me. But, you know, I might be able to get away with it if I keep the characters in mind when I’m writing it all down. Yes.

So it would be interesting for it to be Sarah who goes through everything, then gets the job, then freaks out a bit, then has some sort of revelation and plans the revolt, only to find that everything she was revolting against was actually herself?

That’s it. There’s the book. Nice. Okay. I think it might be time to take this off line or should I just start it over. No. Have to work through the end and need a little bit more of the criminals and villains at play here. We have the two brothers already and that’s pretty amazing already. But we need someone behind them and I think then that it would be nice for her to be searching for who’s behind the money – so that she has some type of quest and she needs to get through the different layers of San Francisco to find that quest – I ‘m not sure about playing with the fact that she is going to be going up or down in this quest, but it might be interesting to have her thinking she’s going up and but really going down. Not sure about that. No – she wouldn’t be concerned about that at all. it would be more like she is interested in putting all of the pieces together and complete the mash up of San Francisco that she started. That’s it. Oh man I love just having this time to write. So then, she is searching for the source of the money all of this time and decides to use the two brothers and find out what it is. She is kind of a detective inside of the whole thing. It will be set like a noir book but not that heavy handed Mickey S – type of thing. Kind of punk rock but not hard core zine writing that is trying to solve a mystery. Oh man. She refused to take it online and keeps it all in her own journal and is convinced that there is someone behind the money so she gets in deep with the company and rises to an executive level and while she does it she lets go all of her marketing and individual knowledge of how to get things done. On all of the emails that she writes, she just puts them all down and has it all ready to go and they just suck it out from her until she realizes that everything is just in a giant database that pulls information to control so that the person in real control is the end user. That will be the shocker. Still though, even though the villain is going to be false, we’re going to have to make them as real as hell and extremely wealthy and very likable. The villain we all love to be but can’t be. Like the Yankees. No, not the Yankees. Someone so gifted that you can’t help but love them.

I have it now. Nice. Story is going to have to come down off the net and I have it. Nice. Awesome. This is the moment. Time to take it down and start the rewrites. Who Hoo!


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