The First Gray Day

It’s been a while since all of this began. Glad to be able to take it offline and get into just posting again. Will have time soon I think to get it all together and tighten up the mistakes that were made in the first book. Nice to have all of the characters flushed out. This medium, the Novel, is really the only place I can exist with any type of happiness. Sustained happiness. It’s just the way everything goes eventually. You have to create that world and shape it so perfectly because it really does not exist in reality at all.

So Now it’s on to the outline and finding how who is doing what. I’m excited about that no doubt. It’s more of the technical side of all of this but it’s going to make everything work. I like my main character of Sarah –  still need a last name for her but think that she is the best one to tell this entire story. It’s going to be something I think to see her there and have her moving throughout the world I have created for her. She is kind of amazing I think. She’s be someone that girls want to be and guys want to date or marry. That’s the key to a good character. She should have some dark side to her, but she will deal with it in a humorous way – keeping things light is key. Yes. I believe that to be true. I am so excited about all of this now I can hardly contain myself. She is the perfect person to see this through. I believe it’s time.

These are the golden moments – beyond seeing the cover for the first time or looking at it on the shelf of a bookstore – this is the way the world should be in these moments. I really can’t tell you how amazing it is. Fighting through all of the block that are there to reach this moment. Now, it’s time.


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