Finding Ways

In the middle passage of editing and it’s a dark time. No fun sentences or cool breakthroughs – only cutting out and looking for replacements. This is the craft part – the point that many drop away. But words from people like Paulo keep you going. Words from people like those of you who wrote in letters thanking me for the book keep me going. Knowing that these things are touching people and staying with them. That’s a pretty heavy thing to ask for in a relationship – for your words to stay with someone – but that’s what I’m looking for in this.

Writing about San Francisco in those times is very tough because it’s so nostalgic for me – so I don’t want that nostalgia to get in the way of the story at all. Everything like that needs to be stripped away – like you have your memories as a boat you are working on from the base on up. This feels so good to be doing it like this – nice and pure in the morning. I wonder how long I can keep the other gig up. Still going though. Still looking for time to do it all.

The real world holds no interest for me anymore other than my family. It’s only in the space of a novel that I can do what I please and get the reaction I’m looking for. Perhaps that’s going to work out for me in the end. I think so – why not – others must feel like that to – they must be looking for a little world to escape into. I hope so. I would not like to think that we have all forgotten to look for the treats. It’s hard – there is no doubt about that, but the harshness of that middle time should not prevent head turns.


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