Still so quiet in the change of seasons. It’s only now with all of these colors surrounding me that I’m at peace. Injected into the office where they have forgotten about taking that last piece of scotch tape off the wall and left it there without any regard of how it was going to be the focus of a conference call. I have no interest in what’s being said on the line. Trying to be there with my characters and the environment seems set up not to allow that to happen. You have to fight through. It’s a must.

I can have her with me – Sarah – the girl leading the charge in this book. Still not literature yet, but it’s slowly getting to that point. Some reader sent me an email calling the work literature. That’s a big one for me to hear that. How many people though are going to have to say it before I stop looking at that piece of tape on the wall during conference calls and get on with the new book. Perhaps when it’s cold enough. For now it can only be pieces of the novel. Time. I need that piece of time to keep going with it all.


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