More Characters

Still realize that I don’t have the true villain of the story and I think I must have one. It would be nice if they represented something truly evil but were not evil themselves. Somehow they were born into it. Yes – that would make so much more sense. Damn – the people in the apartment below keep smoking out of their window and it’s filling up the house. Wouldn’t that be a bitch if we died of secondhand smoke? Wait – that would make perfect sense for someone on the side to have to go like that- no? Someone who did what they needed to do but were affected by the actions of everyone around them? Would be interesting. Good to wake up so early in the morning especially when it’s dark out and watch the day break. Good stuff to be sure. Should be a side character, perhaps the guy’s wife who works at the museum – that’s why he stays where he is. Yes. I’ll add that one in on this go around.

As for the main villain, they have to have been born into being that way. Inherited a position of power that they didn’t want but were unable to walk away from. What could that be though? Perhaps a trader of some kind but I don’t want it to be anything in the market. That’s not much fun and pretty unoriginal I think. So he would have to be born into something where his power was absolute. How can that happen though? In what position is the modern day King – or Queen – someone who can rule with just a phone call? How does it happen to some around like that I can’t be sure. I am searching for that. Perhaps I’ll have to write about it as Sarah and she can search that out. Perhaps that’s her quest to find out who is controlling everything. That would be interesting. Through her mash-ups, she could secretly be searching for an answer. That makes much sense to me. Trying to put the pieces together. It would be an interesting attempt to do that. All of the Zines would then come to together to solve a mystery and then the payoff could be huge. Of course, I know how the story is going to end but getting there would be interesting. I’ll have to dive more into her character’s mindset then and have her look at who’s in control of the money out there. Not sure she is going to enjoy what she finds. Perhaps she will.

Should make for an interesting train ride to today.


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