Searching for Her

Now I know what she wants. She is going to be searching somehow for who is in control of the trends of the world. Who makes the choices that influence us all. The search for the person in control. She is convinced that they exist somehow – So her quest is to find the person in charge. Not sure how this ties in to her mash up idea or why it would motivate her to act out the way she does, but it would be something interesting to keep her going. In charge of what though? I guess that would be the real thing to ask myself when looking for her. Who is in charge of making the last people on the fringe of the world go into offices and give up on their dreams? I guess that would be something to think about – perhaps someone she loved gave up something to support her. Maybe it’s her guilt driving her to find out who’s in charge. Not sure.

Is this a suitable thing to be looking for? Who can tell?


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