The Villain

This is the most important because she is going to be searching for him and then, when she finds him, she will either have to move in for the kill or be horrified at the fact that there is nothing there. It might be a little to Wizard of Oz in that way. I am spinning around at this point trying to find it. Talking to myself on the subway and writing to find it all in my little book – it’s there I know – it’s just covered. I can feel the answer out there to be sure. It’s a strange feeling knowing that the reason – the very thing she is searching for – well, I am not searching for the same thing, but the search itself is the same. I guess it is. Together we’ll have to get it. It’s a hollow feeling though on this walk because nobody else by myself can see it. Nobody else knows at this point because it’s mostly in the notes and outlines of the past 7 months combined with the history inside my mind. What good is that going to do anyone at this point? I have no idea. Really about any of it.


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