Blankets of Rain

Finally coming down like I knew it would. The sky broke. Fall can’t be held back. Everyone hanging out their widows complaining about the heat never going away is caught up in it. What can be the soundtrack for the day? Thoughts of soup and going home to be warm are all over the place. On a Friday is does this – I wonder how many deliveries are going to be made. You have no choice but to slow down if even for a moment, so that’s nice. I enjoy it. the City itself feels what’s happening. Inside. The higher feeling. True voice. However you want to call it, its there, here at this time in the morning with all the world’s water coming down and there’s not much you can do about it but think about times in schoolyards when you used to stand at that one point in the drain and let the water spill on you until you were soaked. Back in the classroom at that point trying to dry off but not carrying if you did just wanting to show everyone how wet you were and how magnificent that was. Pure joy. I think that’s why I enjoy the rain – growing up in California down south there isn’t much of a chance to roll in this stuff so when it does come there is an excitement to it.


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