Radiator went on for the first time this season. Changes signified. Looking forward to getting something out before Christmas but now I can’t decide what that’s going to be. There is a an old book I was working on when living in Los Angeles so that might be the thing to get to the publisher instead of the San Francisco piece, which, I thought, would come to me if I went back there, but it didn’t happen. Those magical moments when it all comes to you are pretty far between each other. Not complaining at all. It’s very peaceful during these times but I’m starting to worry that time is moving faster than my production is. Need to keep up with the exercises – that’s for sure. Mentally staying sharp and finding out what works best. Only through running through these walls. I guess the questions is which is more important for me to tell:

1. The crossover from analog to digital

2. The inability to escape who you are

Themes run well.


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