Finding Story in Voice

Pounding through the newest one. I think what I’ve been putting down about the early 90s in SF is going to serve well for the next book – though I had no idea it was going to take this direction when it started. Amazing how the process works. I marvel at writers who can sit down and plot it all out from start to end with their characters with them from the start. For me, it’s like a long drive across the country where I pick up folks along the way, have them sit in the car, listen to their stories, and drop them off at their destinations. It’s only after I’ve hit a long stretch of road by myself that I realize what was in the car in the first place. Everything is retrofitted, which I guess goes with how I’ve grown up and what I’ve listen to.

It’s not the ADD or whatever folks are calling it now to sell more drugs – it’s Hip Hop, and what it meant to be raised with that kind of music. Samples moving in and out of songs make for a different kind of narrative. It’s more of a concept then the play out of a sketch. I’m enjoying the fact that the characters from that long story of the summer are going to find their way into the book now. They had to. I’m sure Fazio is going to like that too (She was a big pusher of that story). It all, eventually comes together once you stop wondering how it’s going to come together.

Like life, writing is spiritual and science – the balance that is not always 50/50 at the same time. What can one do to make it right? Perhaps there is no right – just a lifetime of work that defines you for those who really don’t know you. Strange. Looking for answers in these words so that, at the end, I have that understanding of these words.

Let’s see how all of it turns out. These early morning hours might be for stretching and not writing, but then, when is the book supposed to come. At that point, it’s the effort to find space in the days. That could be what I’m looking for. Searching. It all comes out after you stop pushing. Of course, you have to push. That’s where the strangeness of it all takes place.


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