There is something about returning to analog world that interests me – it always has now. There was time to reflect on this over the Thanksgiving break – and I think that this was the key in finding the character voice I was looking for. But why is she looking for that return? What happened in the digital world that took her out of it? It would be interesting to see that all of her friends, family and the rest have been taken out by the change, yet she has been the one to have the most gain from it. This would give her some type of hero status moving forward if she were to fight from in the inside. I think I should look at “The Spook Who Sat By the Door” to really get a feel for this type of thing.

Finally had the time not only to write, which is important, but also to think and to fail. There are so many moments that don’t work when trying to put something together so I really enjoyed not having the pressure to turn out gold each time. It was thrilling actually. The ability to fail and make that mistake is something unique in analog because you can actually view those mistakes. You can take them with you and create your own timeline. It is the joy of construction that has been taken away.

That, I believe, I am sure, is the them for this entire exercise. That which has been taken away and must be regained. It will serve me well this time to hold this as the light. Whatever happens after that is up to the characters, which, I believe, over the past few months, have been developed enough to take them out to play in the world of the novel. It’s an amazing feeling to be free again. The past month of just running into concrete over and over and over and over again has been frustrating for me and for the world around.

Now it’s time to walk again.


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