Luddite # 2

Took a break from the office – walked the streets as the main character during lunch break. Headed down to the comic book store on 33rd street – found the back room where the zines were. They’re now in the Porno section, which is a little strange to me. So much information in those things, yet there they are – stuffed in the back. Wondering about the mainstream and thinking about that word. The Main Stream. The one everyone takes because there is the most water there – the easiest feeding ground. The place thought of to be safe. But that place, it’s pretty obvious now, is controlled. I don’t think though that most people deviate from the mainstream because of a conscious choice. There may be a push or something that happened to turn folks away from this place.

Then, forced down an alternative path, something happens. The world opens up. I think this is what “A Knew Known” means.

All of the old quotes are stale now – time for new references to be had. Words in Biggie songs ring truer than that of any of the poets you see quoted in attempts to put thins in perspective. We’ll see a dropping away of these people soon from the mainstream. There will be some new injections there. Looking for time as always. Searching for an opening in the line that is never there – it just be created.

Reading the Jay Z book now I realize how much culture has changed because of the restrictions we created. I think that’s one of the amazing parts about the human condition – that there is the ability to adapt and move out of our migratory patterns and jump from who were set to be. That’s the thing. Most other species stick with what they know, yet we, for some reason, always want to burrow under and explore.


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