An Evening With The Ladies

January 26th, 2011 - NYC - Book-Ers Club.

Snow about to fall, City bracing itself for the madness, but the Book -Ers Club decides to push on with their scheduled meeting down in The Village and get to Chopping it up about The Last Block in Harlem. This club was on point and ready to dive in. Their moderator started out with a game focused on the theme of the book. She handed out envelopes to each of the members of the group, and had them try to piece together pieces of paper with words written on them.

Thought here being: find the theme of the book. Thing is, nobody could put together the pieces of paper to complete their puzzle. Soon, everyone realized that they needed to exchange pieces with everyone from the group in order to complete their puzzle.

A little head-scratching at first, but as people started to get it (including myself) there were a bunch of AHA faces across the table and then it was on.

Game on

They came with questions for each other – assigned, tough questions – and questions for me about the book which I have never been asked and made me think about how much went into the story. That’s the thing about hearing directly from readers about what they thought and felt through the book – A Novel is a question you put out to the universe, and the relationship words of the readers are the answers.

The volume from the table rose, and we kept going for 3 hours.

People are arguing over characters, when who should have done what, and, of course, the ending, which is always the best part to listen in to for me. Was it good? Was it too much? Was it necessary? Everyone thought so different about each question, it was amazing.

The experience of sitting in on book clubs is by far the most rewarding experience so far. From London via Skype to NYC in real time, I’m enjoying every minute of it and can’t wait to get the next one out.

We all stood in the snow afterwards, getting last pieces of info – so many questions on both sides wanted to be answered. The life of a book takes on so much more meaning when you are able to communicate after the pages are done.

For me, each member of every book club becomes part of the story itself.

Thanks ladies, can’t wait to see you again.


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