Sunday Morning Story is Growing!

Last week we wove in tales from Egypt, Netherlands, The Philippines, UK, Australia, and even a few places in the US of A. Amazing. Please join in as we attempt to connect the world through literature!

Click here to see last week's #sundaymorningstory

How can you be part of it this week?

1. Take a pic of what you are seeing in front of you on Sunday.

2. Post that pic, along with your location using Twit pic (or whatever pic uploading you use )- use the hashtag #sundaymorningstory and place it in my twitter timeline @herzwords

Like this: #sundaymorningstory @HerzWords North Bay, Ontario

3. If you don’t have twitpic or a similar device to upload files to twitter, you can email me the picture and location to:

4. I will compile all the pics and locations, then post the literary mash-up story #SundayMorningStory later on that week.

The thought here is: By the end of the year, we’ll have a compilation of stories told by the world. It’s an experiment in mash-up literature I’m very excited about, and one that everyone can be involved in.

Literature connects the world.



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