Sunday Morning Story 2.27.11

Osaka, Japan 2.27.11

East. Put on your masks the rest of the world, people around you are in need of a good show. They’ve been silenced by commercials and fear the sunlight because their doctors have told them that, by going outside, you’ll be exposed to dangerous influences. The man just to the left leaning up against the wall pays the giant head no mind because, after being in the world for so long, there is nothing unusual about the unusual.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2.27.11

Over in the Southwest of America, a small cat waits to be unfrozen so that it may join the carnival. We need as many types as possible – there are just so many we must entertain. We must allow for enjoyment. We must expose to the air outside. Falling over sameness is dangerous – so the carnival must pitch tents in each town. There is a need. Have we not learned that the need creates the demand? We demand, those of us inside of this Sunday Morning Story, that is – we demand to be free from your preconceptions.

Seattle, Washington 2.27.11

So go on over to Seattle, there is a chair for you their. Whatever cut you desire – however you see yourself – away from the mirror, you will received the make-over you have been waiting for. The charge? Returning to the self you understand. That realization unlocks the restraints that make your eyes filter your looks at others. Such a long line out the door, we appreciate you offering up your chair. We can rest and reflect while we do away with our reflections.

Tokyo 2.27.11

There you are, finally. Bloomed. Attached to the branch like the rest of us either waiting for pollen or looking for pollen. There’s no need to worry about being unsightly anymore – understand how beautiful you are. How amazing each of your petals are. You, there, at the computer wondering how you are a flower – see your fingernails – they are only fingernails because someone told you they were. How light are your petals now?

Tennessee 2.17.11

Yes! It is infinite. Did you see how they created the symbol just by floating into each other. Your petals won’t fall off if you melt into the person next to you. You won’t melt either because of the water. You can float, yes? Remember that it is there for you. The carnival has give these kids a chance to move away from the television and enjoy their day – the best of their life. When was the last time you floated without direction using only your petals? How about now? You are doing it now!

Portugal 2.27.11

The books that are about to jump into our hands take a break over in Portugal – getting a little of tradition in while getting ready for the Academy awards. However, we the freaks, enjoy looking at the shelf that the television is resting on. Amazing how a show where awards are handed out for not being real is one of the unifying forces of the world. Our story is real as well, and the connection seems to be just as strong. The bowl in the lower right-hand corner is waiting to be filled.

Houston, Texas 2.27.11

Without attention from the rest of the world, the picture of a lost dog hangs on a post. Amazing what gets the attention of the world, no? Our Carnival enlists the talents of those whose steps are not so heavy to hunt for the missing canine. Door to door we go, showing copies of this original drawing to see if anyone else wants to search for something that most think, deep inside of them at least, just might be impossible to find. We know, though, that there is no such word in the dictionary that we are creating.

Danville, IL 2.27.11

There! Out up and over a bit in Illinois, a call comes from the echoes that our friend has not only been found, but all of this time has been at the freak show with the rest of us. A few women from the nursing home up the road needed some company and this little fellow right here ran hundreds of miles just to curl up with a woman who hasn’t been curled up with since her husband passes some years ago. We all need that.

Newport, South Wales 2.27.11

Across the Atlantic, the Sun realizes we need some music to continue with the show. After all, without the sounds of vibrations, there is only movement. Put to music, we have dance. Now the old woman from the nursing home and the lost dog from Texas are allowed to perform the routine they’ve been working on all of this time. We throw roses and the smiles from both mix with the sun to warm us where it’s needed most – deep inside of us. Melting our fears.

Brighten, Michigan 2.27.11

We are famished after the dance because, after awhile, we weren’t able to just sit and watch – the jump to participate overwhelmed us. Feet sore and faces exhausted from the laughter, we pull up the bus outside and ready ourselves for some take out. In the parking lot, we eat and talk about the dancing we are starting to see everywhere.

“Did you see the teacher and her entire class out there in the fields today? We planted that grass just last week and now bare feat can be soft on that surface. We’ve done something magnificent. Can I have a few of your fries?”

Bairnsdale, Australia 2.27.11

The field is much like this one in Australia – which has, the field actually has, called us and asked if we might be able to tear down that barbed wired and make a jungle gym out of the old truck. After our architects – yes, the freak show has some amazing talent – talk it over, we decide to revive the truck and pick up even more folks who have been doing their own circus for years. There’s plenty of room to pack them in the back. The demand for the show is growing not just to watch, but to join.

Turns out there are more freaks than normal people in the world. In fact, there might not be a normal person left.

North Carolina, 2.27.11

That’s a nice restoration job we’ve done to the interior of the old pick-up. We needed some adjustments so we could drive it underwater back across the Atlantic, but it’s worth it. Out in North Carolina, there are some parts that really had some good freak pickings for us. As a matter of fact, once we finished driving through town, there was nothing but circus music and infinite clowns rolling out of small cars entertaining each child who walked by.

“It’s okay,” we tell them. “It’s waiting for you when you grow up. Just remember, please, this moment so you can tell your adult self what’s real.”

Mexico City, 2.27.11

In Mexico City, we see the sublime moment in life and it takes center stage. Two sisters are sharing some ice cream at the local shop. The moments shared here make up the definitions of who we are – of who we are to become. As we age, these moments seem to become rare, which means that the definition of Us is harder to change. The Freaks call for evolution in constant form, but we know when to sit outside the ice cream shop and watch as throats are cooled and memories take shape.

Standing ovation for the sublime.

Dubai, 2.17.11

Over in Dubai, two teenagers look over at the girls eating ice cream in Mexico city. Having just bought their first car, which happens to be a used pick up brought over from Australia – they two ask for a double date.

“What movie are you going to take us to see?” the girls ask.

“You’re in the movie we’re taking you to see,” the boys answer. “Are you enjoying the show?”

North Bay, Ontario

Over in Ontario, one of our freaks is not watching the show taking place out his window. Let’s make some noise. Trumpets up! Honk your horns! Move them away from their televisions and their extensions to their televisions and show them the visions that we are creating. It only takes one note of music to start the dance. We have no doubt you’ll be able to do it. After all, the show is growing in popularity but the beauty is – There is no time to tune it. It runs forever.

Manilla, Philippines 2.27.11

See the foundation we’ve created? Look at the floor – it is made of giant puzzle pieces from each of our stories so that this child can play and create. We have given him the world to move on and now he is starting construction on new stages for grand performances that will inspire freak shows throughout the universe – but let’s stay here, on this planet, for now. We are needed. I believe this youngster is going to do great things – he already is. On your foundation. Take a bow.

Durham, UK 2.17.11

See what that little guy has done? He’s gone back to that field in Australia and picked flowers for you to digest over her in England. The seeds can grow inside of you and make roots of amazement that weren’t possible just a few moments ago. What is real is changing because of our show – because of the show you’re putting on each day. Digest. Use the energy to bake another for your loved ones.

Leicester UK 2.27.11

Yes! Word is spreading and this cake has been served throughout the world, so that inside of us it is sprouting up. Pieces of O2 are now possible – we need these inside of us to battle the smokestacks produced in such quantity that they threaten to cancel the freak show – but we know that we have life on our side. We must eat this cake and pass it down the table that stretched over and under oceans and breaks apart mountains so that we can breath. We are.

We are.

Glendora CA 2.27.11

Now there are preachers around the world tell those who have come in lost from the world that turned them out to each cakes made of seeds so that love can grow inside of you. He again tells you that God, whatever it is you think God is, is only Love. As long as you have that, however you believe it, there is hope.

Louisiana 2.27.11

Ah, finally, a place that has given home to the freak for year. See, there is a welcome sign for us. They are letting us know that the parades of the past few weeks have been a fantastic marketing tool for the story we are trying to tell. The boxes hold in them magic – but only if you believe it to be so. The only way an object can have true value is if the fingertips that touch it believe it to be alive. Remember what we told you about fingertips at the start of all of this. Ah, Louisiana, you’ve given us a home once again.

Ft. Lauderdale 2.27.11

That ray of sun that strummed the guitar is everywhere. You need to understand this today when you’re out looking for the next block to turn down. When was the last time you stopped and just stuck your face in the warmth and allowed it to fall all over you. To bathe  you. To wash you? It is possible. Remember, you need it – there are seeds inside of you that need to burst. It is all happening. Again.

Lecanto, Florida 2.27.11

From that dirty laundry, look what has happened. You did this. The freaks have provided the vitamins the rest of the world needs to keep going. To keep moving. To live the life that the child in Manilla who exists on giant pieces of puzzles tells you it’s possible to live. You must believe this. Inside, the orange is calling out for you to peel it so that you may understand the inside with your tongue. Make sure though that you do not devour. There are pieces to be shared.

Barreiro, Portugal 2.27.11

Now, look at the picture you have created by peeling that orange and allowing your skin to soak up what the universe has to offer you. Those single rays of sun have combined in a symphony of light that takes over each inch of the world, but only, of course, at a specific time. We are, after all, Freaks of science and reason – even in our surreal show, we realize that we must have a balance. There is a reason for this gathering – this unique level of understanding. We have a fight ahead of us.

Madison, Wisconsin 2.17.11

Despite your efforts, despite all that you have showed them – perhaps BECAUSE all that you have showed them, there is a group out to take away your light. They tell you you must break apart into individual squares – they want to take away the connected puzzle pieces so that you have no place to stand. We will not go away. We are a Union, all of us, each one a significant part of this struggle. For you see, it’s not just enough to be alive.

So many are just trying to be alive – those of us who have the pleasure of marching with the freaks must come to the aid of all those who are fighting.

We are. This is our story.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Story 2.27.11

    • Never. Saw a cat sitting on the fire escape across from my apartment and started wondering what everyone else in the world was doing on their Sunday Morning.

      Idea came from that.

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