Sunday Morning Story 3.20.11

North Bay, Ontario 3.20.11

We start this week inside the cheeks of this amazing human – we are all stored up in the little mountains of the smile that is illuminating the world for us in a time when the prevailing thought seems to be darkness. We can fight this if we remember our nature. Here, for this Sunday and a few beyond we think, it our mascot. Thing is, you can find one in your town. Look inside strollers and catch their eye: It’s the exchange we’ve been looking for.

Lake County, Illinois 3.20.11

From around the world, we start to plant – digging beneath the soil because we realize, in the place inside of us that stays locked away because we have been told to lock it, that in oder to be seen, we must go underground. Roots. Soil. Dirt lifted and brought under finger nails. Exchange. Even before the light does its thing. It’s the first breath.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 3.20.11

See what we’ve done already. It was there in the first picture telling us that it wanted to be born. See for yourself – go back to the top and see, on the child’s clothes, the hint of what to come. The already bloomed flower that was absorbed into your thoughts just because you took time to enjoy the smile. Remember that it is all happening for you – just use the elements and we can create this revolution.

Cairo, Egypt, 3.20.11

Incredible how the world freezes in a snapshot. How we move past these people each day, but their clothes might be a bit different and the smells coming from kitchen’s are carried from aromas that cause the inside of our noses to question reality. Yes. Live there. Inside the senses. That is the shelter that will expose truth. In the far right of the picture, the girl spun around is conflicted by watching the ability to vote and reading the love letter she has stowed in her back pocket. There is always those moments. Can you remember you first love letter? Universal.

Tennessee 3.20.11

Though we are sure locations are switched around, we have given up believing that the world exists between those lines drawn up by those who decided they owned it. Yet to melt, the snow here will do its part because we know that water is alive. Today when you go to brush your teeth, listen to the sounds coming from the faucet. It’s a crystal ball predicting your footsteps. Dogs lap up the natural ice cream in hopes of preserving the flavor through the months of summer just about to be on the horizon.

Mexico City 3.20.11

We are all on rooftops in Mexico City to watch the sky open up for us, finally. We have been waiting as the slow reveal has causes the crowd to grow. It’s the newness were watching. The peace we recognize but can never posses – the tease of pauses beauty about to be reveals. The eyes on the cars disguised as headlights are allowed to watch because nobody realizes they’re watching.

San Diego, California 3.20.11

While we watch the unbelievable get exposed, we’ll need a few guards to keep watch over us. Nobody is going to stop the momentum we’ve been spreading over the past few months – beneath our guard, the geometry of foundation is keeping us all up. Everything is a simple shape if you just take a moment to break it down. Each of us, simple shapes. Breaking. Down. The. Shapes. In. Our. World.

New York City, NY 3.20.11

Some are merging and evolving, while some, like this young, old man who has been with us for about a month now, continues to be himself, content in the fact that he IS, and without the human need to BE anything. Accomplishment can be had in breath if you do it correctly, but that perfect inhale and exhale does not come without practice. We are all practice with these photos an our stories – Inhales from one continent – exhales from the next.

Chicago 3.20.11

Over to Chicago and down the moving stairs of the quick cities that don’t allow from breath but can take it away with the scope of building and construction that humans are capable of – the task now is to take that capability and push it towards a connection. Here it is – we can take this down to the next country and open the door to find those who understand what you’re looking for. No need, in this case, to search the underground. Believe the next escalator you take will deliver you to the other side of the globe. The connection is the story.

Dublin 3.20.11

The escalator lets off in Dublin, and the walk continues through trees that will outlive you if you consider your life in the terms of years. Ah, our journey has been so amazing. Crossing these oceans with magic entrance ways created by you – by those who believed that sending in a simple picture of what you saw extends our world. It does. It can. The concrete on this path has never felt feet such as yours – be sure to bend down and thank the materials that create the matter for being able to exist. Your shadows are cooling it from the sun. All together. Happening.

Omaha, Nebraska 3.20.11

You must be tired from crossing oceans. Here, there is a kitchen table for you in Omaha. Sit, enjoy. Take as much as you need, but be sure to leave enough for the next. Ocean crossing is a tough business but one that is wide open because not many people believe it’s possible without booking a ticket. No worries – we are not concerned with those who are worrying about what is possible. No need to eat with your hands though…

Howell Michigan, 3.20.11

Over in Michigan, there are place settings for all of us. Nice. We were thought of. Considered. Planned for. There is enough everywhere – no need to worry about not having enough. It’s the crossing of time that we are concerned with, not the fact that we don’t have enough materials. There is more than enough – what we must learn is distribution. First, let’s imagine in fiction. Then, once understood, we can carry to reality.

San Pablo, California 3.20.11

Over in California, the Easter Bunny takes a break from hiding eggs and thinks about communicating with us – adding to the story. There is soft white linen protecting such important stuffings. We must make sure that nothing comes out too soon – So, for now, it might be enough to lean and watch, as long as the rest of us can lean and watch. Good thing we had the pancakes.

Rockland, New York, 3.20.11

Newness reflected off the very start of this Sunday Morning Story. The small paws will walk lightly on that path in Dublin, but now, because it has been know – explored, it can be visited again. Hands so small in our hands stop the trembles of being alone. We can all hold each other if we remember the magnificence of this embrace we are experiencing here.

Portugal 3.20.11

Portugal 3.20.11

The sky had painted itself perfect so that we can understand that this block here is the same as you’re walking down today. The rushing off to work or getting ready for school or looking to take care of that one thing to tie your life together – bracing for phone calls that can chill you or opening a door to warm the toes inside – it’s all a cycle and all takes place at each moment we exist. Knock on one of these doors and you’ll be revealed.

New York City, 3.20.11

We are all listening to San Francisco – “I’ve seen the best minds of my generation, starving, hysterical naked in the streets……”

Brisbane, Australia 3.20.11

“I’ve got a thousand telephones that don’t ring.” – Bob Dylan.

Forever, Bob Dylan.

Miami, Florida 3.20.11

There is something about the part of the land that gives way to the water that causes humans to pause for a moment and think about everything. Perhaps it is the only place where we can think about everything at once without going insane. There is, I think, the urge to just walk in and submerge, but instead of drowning, we, here, are creating tubes that can be traveled through. We set out for exploration. Trees on the side are watching to see how daring we are.

York, England 3.20.11

York, UK 3.20.11

Of course, it is the children who know how to extend their belief section so that, when the time is right, reality can fall away and the visions of their world, that of stories and adventure, can present itself. Reality is, to some extent, what you wish for it to be. While you can see the sense of joy in the child’s face, it is not disbelief, for he knew all along that it was real.

Dubai, UAE 3.20.11

Are you still not a believer in the power of the story we are creating. Photos from different geographies arrive at the nearly the same time – bridging the story gap. How long has it been since you’ve taken a ride on one of these spaceships in order to observe the world you’re living in. We are inside right now. How’s the view?

Edmonton, Canada 3.20.11

Here, a woman trapped on the cover of a book, begs you to open the first page so that she may be release from her world of unknown stories and exist inside your memory.

Livona, Michigan 3.20.11

Our bookshelf is never-ending. We share our stories with the billions on this planet. Imagine that it extends over each continent so that we be browse forever and pick up which spines call out to us. There are couches on the spaceships if you ask the children to create them – so when you do pick your story from our global bookshelf, wherever you are in your travels, there, if you believe, will be the perfect place to sit and read. You are doing so now. Enjoying?

Philly 3.20.11

Still, it is amazing that as we rush to understand each other, we might be best served looking, for a moment at least, at those who know that sitting still can take you so many places you had no idea existed. Here, about to drift off into a dream, perhaps you can snuggle next to him, and find out how to exist in their world. It’s very much yours – but only if you share it.

Liecester UK 3.20.11

Here, a firefly that was once trapped in an old bottle, produced enough heat to break free and has left the remains of its prison for you see to see that, if you want, escape is possible. The weeds underneath have push up from the soil and can breath as well. Everything is constantly changing and moving – it’s nature not to remain static. Even the tree you pass by every day has changed a million ways in the day that has passed. What about you?

Berkley California 3.20.11

Here, a painter has been watching this bowl of fruit and wonder how, after thousands of years of others looking at the same thing, can she capture it in a different way. If, perhaps, she takes the lesson of the firefly, the trick might not be in capturing it. The sun from the window outside is adding to the texture of the shot – perhaps all that can be done is remember so that, the next time you peel an orange, you take time to marvel at the complexity of the design.

Edmonton, Canada 3.20.11

From a ceiling in Edmonton, the pollen that was resting on a table thousands of miles away, starts to rain down over the rest of the continent and extends the table – matching the bookshelf we have created. We now had a place large enough for all of us to dine, read and take a moment to concentrate on one another. Perhaps understanding will follow.

Lake Alfred, Florida 3.20.11

We all try on clothes worn by past lives in oder to feel the warmth. Here , the cement does not have the luxury seen in Dublin, but none of us can have the same luxury that another has. That is what we’re learning. That is why we are extending each other’s story to the other end of the table.

Lecanto, Florida 3.20.11

You see, the world was listening. Over in Lecanto, a perfect leaf has shown itself.

“Come, exist under my shade – if your cement is cracking. If your world is splitting. If, underneath your chest, you can feel your heart about to explode out. Take this break. Live here for a moment until you’re ready. It’s understood.”

Lafayette, Louisiana 3.20.11

The earth realizes you need its resources to move – just be careful that you do not depend on them for life. Once you believe that extraction without filling in what you’ve taken is right, you are creating an imbalance. As you can see from how we’re connected, once balance is removed, order is impossible. Perhaps, though, that’s what’s been keeping us apart.

Cairo, Egypt 3.20.11

On the tip of a finger, I exist because I fought. Though soap will remove me from visibility, the day I pressed up against paper, that motion, that moment of impact, will be there. I am remembered in motion. Time. Struggle. Dependence. Can you see the feet and the shadows in the right hand corner of the picture? I exist on those finger tips as well. Look at your finger tip right now. I am there.

Melbourne, Australia 3.20.11

Without the paths you have all created this week, our final destination – this view of the sublime, would not be possible. We have ended up here, for now, pausing at all of the elements. Even the flowers being held come from the planting done in this story. We are all responsible for each moment, so allow for your materials to be separated by the first breeze of spring and feel on your body that touch that ceases reality and brings up what should be.


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  1. Thanks again for inspiration and a beautiful journey across the oceans that tkaes us out of ourselves to discover other lives and other worlds

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