Sunday Morning Story 4.24.11

Johnson City, Tennessee 4.24.11

We exist here – that school library. We’ve been here for some time – they pass through – pass by us. They pass love notes and hid them between our pages so that teachers cannot find them. If you bend our spine, you can see, existing deep with our binding hold us together, the relics of age. It’s happening inside the jacket covers.

Antipolo City, Philippines

My cousins are inside of those pages. In many cases, they are the pages. Some trees cut down so you all, and I’m talking to you humans, can understand the world you exist in. It’s funny because you think that by cutting us down, you are destroying us. No – we know our purpose. We sacrifice so that you may understand your ecosystem. Eventually, you’ll discard us, and we’ll seep into the soil – beyond your maps, but not beyond your understanding. It is our hope.

Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia 4.24.11

Process. We’re starting to understand. This could be what exist beyond the shopping centers. “We both worked our entire lives making the dream of someone else come true. Now, here, finally, towards the end, we realize that we just wanted to be standing next to each other. What we were doing didn’t really matter. People from all over are starting to smell our creations.”

Baltimore, Maryland 4.24.11

I keep wishing that they’d used this cup holder for some food for me. Perhaps, I get get one of those magical burgers I heard being made by this couple in Australia. I can smell them through the window. Not the whole burger mind you, they can just break me off a piece of meat and let me go to town. If any of you happen to pass by this window and see me inside of my story, feel free to turn this cup holder into a bowl.

Snow Hill, North Carolina 4.24.11

Of course, there are those on this day who visit bodies buried beneath soil that does its best to stay soft, yet maintain a firm foundation for those above ground who need something to stand on. Once again, books from all angles take shape in the scene. We must read words to understand reality. Amazing how humans are erected.

San Diego, California 4.24.11

Here, after your walk and time spent mourning those you’ve lost, people down in San Diego have created a feast to get your spirits up. They’ve taken the recipes from Australia and added their own flavors to change your tastes just enough – slightly, so that your body chemistry is altered and your mood changed. After all, we are alive, and, when looking at history, it’s amazing that we exist, here, together, at the same time. Get in line and grab a plate.

Holmen, Wisconsin 4.24.11

Of course, the good people of Wisconsin have been such big players in this adventure since it began, it seems only right that they’d be the ones bringing the libations to the party. After all, there are times when you just need to sit back, stop thinking about everything so much, and have yourself a beer.

Barreiro, Portugal 4.24.11

On that blue balcony standing off the building just in the bottom of the frame, a small child is refusing to come inside. Her parents are telling her the sky is about to open and a rainstorm will soak her.

“That’s just what I’m expecting,” she says. “How am I supposed to understand the world if I’m not experiencing all of it’s elements.”

The adults inside feel like they have not lived at all.

Oakland, California 4.24.11

A little bunny that exists in on the shell of an egg reaches out over the balcony and offers her carrot to the youngster who has no intentions of staying dry. There is something in her colors though – the combination of a palate, that lets us know she was created by someone who understands composition. Do humans have the same creator?

North Bay, Ontario 4.24.11

Up in Ontario, we see that perhaps, the artist who created the bunny who fed the child on the balcony – is so into the process of creation he does not realize the day of the week. He exists, solely in the moment of freedom he has to create. These are fleeting for humans, which is a shame. We’re here to create.

Gold Coast, Australia 4.24.11

Please, please – before you roll up the newspaper (if you’re still reading newspapers) and smash me, take a look at my composition. My legs. The geometry of my body. Form. Design. There is a purpose for my existence beyond how I fit into your lives. Can you imagine that for a moment. Maybe then you’ll realize just how much effort it takes to even move a few steps.

Baja California / Mexico 4.24.11

We’ve managed to exist, our two species, with an understanding of what each of us needs from the elements around us. You think we’re talking about the seals and the birds, which pop to the forefront of your mind when looking at this picture. However, it is us, the water and rocks, who border each other out but still manage to meet at a place where rubbing up against each other creates a smoothness that cannot be replicated, not entirely, in your factories.

Brisbane, Australia 4.24.11

Though of course, we still try at the replication. We’re trying to achieve what we see in nature and cannot posses in our ever day. It’s why we stop at a painting for so long an examine the results of the brush strokes. Perhaps the secrets exist on the brushes themselves before they’ve been cleaned off of their work.

Chicago, Illinois 4.24.11

I heard about that little guy in Baltimore looking for his bowl to be filled. I’m working on it, but right now, I’m enjoying the center of attention I’ve become. We’re only this age for so long- and that goes for every age and every moment – so I’m going to enjoy. We’ll figure out how to get that done.

Madison, Wisconsin 4.24.11

Let me start the day with everything that’s sweet, including the mug with the logo of our team that brought the community to the streets a few months ago. Amazing that, then, we were watching champions march, but now, we are marching to make sure the rest of the country realizes that the champions are the unions who try to keep their families fed. Amazing who we cheer for and who we walk away from.

Brisbane, Australia 4.24.11

Now here, we’ve taken the candy laid out in bed in Madison, waited for it to melt on the flight over, and created this cake for all of you Sunday Morning Story folks to have a piece of. It’s to show you that we can use existing materials to create the shapes and textures we need to survive. If you think this cake isn’t essential, then you haven’t been at the table yet to understand that we all bite and digest the same. The same.

Heartland, Wisconsin 4.24.11

Now, I’m not sure how the holiday evolved into bunnies and chocolate, but I think that we humans need more days to revert to childhood, so these days of celebrating things like a resurrection are best digested in cartoon form. What does that say about the results of our bodies breaking down what we eat?

Edmonton, Alberta 4.24.11

Shame it’s only one day a year we take time to rearrange the exteriors of sameness that fill the grocery aisles. The want and desire appears to exist year-round. Perhaps being ruled by a calendar is keeping us from being truly human. Possible.

Paignton, UK 4.24.11

Here, we see the possibility of structure. Of what could be. Sure, not arranged and a bit scattered, but that might be us. This here might be us under the microscope – Perhaps it’s a close up of our DNA – the watering bucket being our mitochondria. You don’t know for sure, you’ve never been inside of anything other than your own skin.

Portugal 4.24.11

Over in Portugal, we’ve borrowed those elements from over in the UK and created structure. The elements in the picture are no different in anything other than how they were arranged. The weight of matter is all equal.

Durban, South Africa 4.24.11

Because the sky is too difficult to decipher, humans have created places of shelter they can stand inside of and try to reach up beyond what they see. Nothing wrong with that. It is the search for vision. We hope though that in your search, as you look through your telescopes, you don’t ignore the fact that other are looking for answers in different directions. We will all find that there is not just one answer.

Chicago, 4.24.11

Stepping through the doors of the building in South Africa, we come out on the other side to Chicago, where people are spending their mornings in benches constructed of the same wood that made the paper for the books that started off our journey this week. Reflection seems to be needed for our race.

Durham, UK 4.24.11

Now please, take a look and at how sublime this creation is. Chocolates given as gifts from the world have been arranged in the form of a rocket ship that we can all climb into and, with enough fuel, rise above our planet to realize where we’ve come from. Our existence is dependent on our need for creation, but you’ll have to look towards those who know how to rearrange elements of what you thought to be real. It’s fine to believe in that. It’s who we are.


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