Sunday Morning Story 5.1.11

Mrythle Beach, South Carolina 5.1.11

Come – let us move from the city, if only for bit. Let the buildings melt away and return to their natural state of sand. We’ll carry it out and create more beaches so that the world can sit on a shore and listen to the ocean. It’s important to hear those sounds – between the crashes are the reasons we’re alive. The salt can jump into the openings in our skin and create texture.

Atlanta, Georgia 5.1.11

Now that we’re all watching, the water knows it must perform. The show begins, though, in fact, it’s been happening long before we (and I mean humans) learned they didn’t need to be crawling around. Over the rocks, which have been smoothed by years of persistence, there is no need to question how the ocean traveled through this forest to become a waterfall.

Branson, Missouri 5.1.11

Words is starting to spread about the water show. We’ll need shelter for the journey before we reach the stage. Well, its not us who’ll be performing this time. After all, that’s why we’ve melted all of the buildings down, so that shelter had to be created out of necessity rather than luxury. It’s a need we must put on ourselves – to rediscover where we live. Simple construction.

Brighton, Michigan 5.1.11

Once the tent is constructed, it’s amazing what can take place inside. We’re all gather now at tables with folks who were, at one time, strangers, but are now bonded by their conversations and reviews of the amazing water shows taking place all around them. You too can come and sit inside this tent, in the middle of the woods, just beyond the waterfall. Your price of admission is to stand in front of whatever body of water is nearest to you and imagine a raft to start your journey.

Tampa Bay, Florida 5.1.11

Those who don’t have rafts – there is no worry. That road you’re driving on is just another river – you just have to realize the physics of the situation and break down the matter. Those line of paint could easily turn into drifting pieces of wood that others may be hanging on to so they may stay afloat. Drive slow and allow them in – they’ll help guide you.

M5, Exeter, UK 5.1.11

Over in Exeter, word has gotten out about how to turn those divided roads into unifying rivers. Mathematicians are giving in and creating new text books. Children in the back of classrooms who have never listened to lessons before are all taking detailed notes – as they’ve heard about the ocean shows and want a ticket to see how it ends. Thing is, it never does. That’s the beauty. We exist inside the show through eternity.

Brisbane, Australia 5.1.11

Over in Brisbane, a seamstress is watching over all of our travels and proving thread to keep us all together. She must stay up all night, because there is, despite our attempts at unity, a movement out there designed to keep us watching the evening news. They are telling us we’re splitting at the seems – but we know, those of us who have been creating rivers, it’s just not true. Again, the show is at the shores made of sand from the melting buildings. That closeness you now feel is because of the seamstress – remember to thank her when you see her today. And you will see here today.

Chicago 5.1.11

Here, in Chicago, you can see her work, extending from the ceiling and spilling out into the aisles, where those who are traveling can take a seat and watch some of the show for themselves. Whatever is on stage can exist inside your mind. Remember though, when you’re gathered to witness an event, it might be you who are being watched. Fabric. Above. Holds. Particles. Unseen. Felt. Known. Exist.

Durban, South Africa 5.1.11

Over in South Africa, they are creating stand-ins that can fool your boss so that you may exit from work and go to watch the ocean show. Don’t worry about being found out – these Sunday Morning Story followers have been interacting with so many humans, it will be simple to construct distractions. Now, these body doubles can stay at your work station and allow you back into your lives.

Durham, UK 5.1.11

Over in the UK, they’ve come up with a plan to take the world’s flags, remove them from the battlefield, and turn them into cakes. Now all of the warriors will grow fat and have no need to pull any triggers or set off bombs. Armies will be free to help those affected by famine and natural disasters, instead of creating new ones. When you see your flag today, make sure to turn it into something sweet.

Vernon Hills, Illinois 5.1.11

If you don’t know how to reconstruct matter, follow the eyes of the children. They are always looking at the truth.

Manilla, Philippines 5.1.11

Now then, it’s not that fair of a fight – we are posing here to show you what happens in a mismatch. You think with your invasions that you’re conquering new lands, but in fact, you, against the ocean, don’t have a chance. Just because, at this moment, your grip is strong, doesn’t mean it can sustain. After all, you’re going to need to stretch. To move. When that happens…

Richmond, Virginia 5.1.11

..those who were once small and could fit into your hand will outgrow your grip, and stand along against the future. That ocean air will melt you away. At the foot of this guard dog of our Sunday Morning Story, a small sheep rests now that he is safe from the wolves who have nowhere to hide now that the buildings have been melted away. Only the hint of a knee suggests that humans are part of the picture – but that’s fine. We shouldn’t dominate.

Edmonton, Alberta 5.1.11

The stars at the top of the blanket shine like night lights for the rest of us. Guiding us on this river. We paddle by countless windows that hold bedtime stories told over and over in different languages. Their theme the same: Sleep and escape the confines of your skin and the sandman will guide you. Again, we’ve prepared by taking away the buildings. We’re in castles created on the shorelines. Incredible.

Manilla, Philippines 5.1.11

Enter Birth Name.

Gold Coast, Australia 5.1.11

Here, the roots from the trees have wrapped around what we believed to be structure and given it true life. Electricity is useless now – there is only what the forest provides. Rain exists because of what the ocean drops off for the rest of us. Come, the door, if there even is a door – is open for all of you. Take the time to allow the branches to wrap around you and show you how to breathe again. Once you’ve slowed down enough, the show will be revealed.

Madison Wisconsin 5.1.11

See now, at the table inside – you wouldn’t expect such a magnificent place setting. Usually, walking through the concrete, there is no time to stop, eat and digest. There is no digestion. Only fuel. We are addicted to it. Because you entered the house covered by trees, because you believed there was a place for you at the table, you can dine. Look to either side and allow those next to you to believe it all exists.

Mumbai, India 5.1.11

Now then, the meal is done. Your belly is full and you’re ready to continue the journey. Cell phones off, please. Do not look down to see who’s calling or to check who wrote or to see what your friend’s status may be. Exist. Here. Digest. If not, your body cannot take the journey. It’s okay to stay connected to what’s around you. This will spread like the roots in the trees that cover the house you’re now sitting in. If  you sit long enough, you might discover the vacancy of the roof. When was the last time you looked up?

Portugal 5.1.11

The construction workers have received noticed of what we’ve been doing. They still need work, so in order to keep them on their path, we’ve made a deal. They have agreed that every building they put into existence now must have giant windows for us to stand at and look out of. We must have enough of the world to drink in each day. No more florescent lights. The architects are rejoicing at this new deal, as they’ve been wanting to let the world in for year. See there, the destruction of what was has allowed for a new view. Come, take a look out the window, it’s amazing.

Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 5.1.11

Now then, look at the river. All of the elements exist from the story we’ve created. It is possible to create reality as you wish it to be. The secret, though we hope it’s not a secret for too much longer, is to blend the ideas into one – which can redefine what that number even means. Now, go – row your car into a boat and sail down the river towards the ocean show existing right now. You’ve helped write the script.


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