Sunday Morning Story 5.15.11

Wisconsin 5.15.11

When we first gather in groups and sit in front of teachers, we are told how the world is. How it functions. Should diagrams that explain inner-workings. It is not until we reach a certain age – a time when we can choose who we sit in front of, that we think about questioning the mechanics of reality. How these subways and roads that take us each day to work might be veins that feed a monster set to devour our true selves. There is a reason selves is plural. We can connect and form understanding – our eyes just need to focus on each other. Lock in. See beyond what your neighbor is saying. They might just be speaking propaganda.

Halifax, Nova Soctia 5.15.11

Everyone, come – strip down to what you’re comfortable in. We’re not going to work today. We’ll swim and look up into the sky – take time to think about what world we’d like to exist in. Take time to see that this world offers everything you need to be happy – but we often look at the television or inside of magazines for that fulfillment. It exists right here, on these banks. We’re all sunning ourselves and feeling beneath our surface. The skin of trees and lakes is our lotion to ease the tightness created by offices and paychecks. We not clocking in today. No.

Johannesburg, South Africa 5.15.11

Now, see, if you explore just up the riverbank, you’ll find the stair to the secret pathways you’ve been looking for in all the wrong places. Our guide now is a beach ball – wanting to teach you or lecture you about how to act and what your final productivity should reflect. No. It’s obvious what you should do.

“Pick me up and play with each other,” it says. “Pass me back and forth. I too, am a world to exist in. I mimic your earth. Find my orbit by tossing me to those who are traveling with you. Don’t worry about the order – It’s all in the action. Movement. Understanding.”

North Carolina 5.15.11

While you were playing in South Africa, some have walked further down the river and ended up in North Carolina, where they stopped and focussed in on this piece of wood. If you just glance, you may have missed it. We understand though – it’s hard to look deep. We’re trained not to. However, if you did, you would see, just above the first large indentation, a praying mantis making it’s way across it’s universe – on the hunt for what it needs. Nobody told it what it needed. It just knew. Felt it. Reacted. Lived. We are learning. What a magnificent river this is turning out to be.

Montreal 5.15.11

Now, see – some cement has popped in towards the river, but now that we’re walking slow, we notice the trees instead of the traffic lights telling us when to move and when to pause. We’re climbing branches now and laughing so that our echoes can ring like church bells announcing a service for the day. We are not, however, religion. We are humans – setting down paths with emotions rather than reason. It’s a shift in character, but one we’re enjoying. Aren’t you?

San Diego, California 5.15.11

Well now, see what happens when you relax enough to ease the eyes of others?  A door in a San Diego living room has been left open for us – their are chairs and Bloody Mary’s enough for all. Please, sit. Enjoy. Drink. Talk. Let the tightness in your neck ease away and talk about your lives and your history. We are all gaining understanding of each other so that we can pass down our exchanges to our children. We want them to walk these paths, though, of course, for now at least, we’ll keep the drinks for ourselves.

Paignton, UK 5.1.11

See now, after a nice drink, the jump over to the UK is much easier to manage. We’re enjoying the paths now that Emerson lined up for us. The breathing is much slower. Reality and fantasy are blending with looks into windows at cats who don’t mind what is considered real. There is a day taking place in front of both of them – there is life existing that they watch. Growth. Falls. Changes. Make sure you take lessons from their actions – it’s more than you’re learn from any lecture.

Edmonton 5.15.11

Now, of course, you’re going to need proper footwear when traveling through this world. While some are still disrobed down by the river banks, others are walking into each other’s closets and trying on shoes and boots to see if they can match up. We all match up if you turn around the color palette. Thing is, each piece of material was, at one point, the newest thing ever to exist on earth. Those stitches on the tip, when they met the material, we the only ones being born into the world at that very moment. Are you looking at objects in this way?

Dallas, Texas 5.15.11

Now then, it appears some of our travelers have found a common interest, and they’ve walked from the forrest and riverbanks to the department stores to discover the wonders that can exist inside a shoe box. Such is life -we all have different drives and triggers inside of us – that’s the joy of why we’re human. That shoe box in the back though, imagine if it was given to a child, if it was given to you as a child. No doubt it would turn into a treasure chest of secrets. Can you scan your mind and think about what you would put inside from your childhood that you’d like to go through now?

Winthrop Harbor, IL 5.15.11

Back outside, we come to realize that the sky has been painted by  the artists of history. Thing is, it’s not by those hanging inside of museums. No. The brushes exist in our eyes and paint pumps from our organs that have been loosened by sunning on the river banks. Our perception can change if we just choose to look up for a few moments and realize our place on this giant beach ball. Walk closer. One leaf will keep you captured for a year.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 5.15.11

Now, here, those of us who took time to loose our minds in the forest are walking onto decks in New Mexico and planting reflections of what we believe to exist inside of our fingertips. We touch and create. Pollenate. Add color to a world that, increasingly is finding itself being shadowed by a giant eraser of single thought. We’re not going to accept that. Our fight exists in knowing each other. Our fists are understanding.

Bremen, Germany 5.11.15

Ah! A guide through the streets of Germany. Fantastic. Sir, please, can you translate what the graffiti says? We’ve heard that the writing on the walls we all pass each day are actually secret messages written by those on the underground who wish for us to not pay so much attention to the information on our Drivers Licensee. It does not define us. You seem to be doing just fine with what you came into the world with. Mind if we follow you for a bit?

Gulf Breeze, Florida 5.15.11

Well hello to you there! Glad you made time for us on this day. We’re looking to understand ourselves by not looking inside all time time. We see how you’ve turned things around. It’s a nice trick, making the humans think they’re coming to see you, but really, you and your pals are just observing them. Humans like to pay to be observed. Would you mind dropping us a note about your findings? We’ll be reading it in our book clubs soon. Much thanks. Glad we followed the car in Germany or we’d never end up here.

Brisbane, Australia 5.15.11

Good. We’ve wrinkled our perception and it would be nice if we used the tools we created to straighten out our world for a minute. Our stories are so tangled up inside of each other – it’s fantastic, yes, but difficult to see. This iron moves slowly over the beach ball we exist on, careful not to let the heat it needs to do it’s job destroy the system we are all existing inside of. Such a delicate balance. Our eyelashes are blinking to provide the cooling wind.

Northwest Alabama 5.15.11

There, see what you’re blinking has done? Waterfalls are let go and we’re cooled, but still have enough room to sun ourselves on the rocks. Can you see, just on the bottom, inches away from the left hand corner – the hint of a rainbow? That is us, coming together. It’s the story of our journey together. The earth is documenting us at each moment – please don’t think that you actions are taking place in isolation.

Melbourne, Australia 5.15.11

A combination of all who have walked this sunday – all who have followed cats through streets, onto windows, laid on riverbanks and looked at the sky – our skin has taken on the colors natural to us. The time clocks lay broken at the bottom of a recycling plant – about to be made into objects we can use to construct wisely, instead of follow without though. This is real. Right now. In your day, reflect what you have created. Make no mistake, this, all of it, is your creation.


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